How to get free money Westworld for Android & iOS. Secrets of the passage

hack Westworld for android

Use hack Westworld to get free gems and money to the account. Secret codes will allow you to quickly pass the game, building new institutions and raise the level of their hosts. Laboratory under the eastern city, which is served by your robots with artificial intelligence. Develop their skills and increase the level of service to attract new customers. Follow the tips in the instructions and get the game currency sets for free.

Westworld cheat codes for Android & iOS:

  • + 125 000 coins for free, it will build and raise the level faster – MR_uLNgK6X
  • + 9 850 diamonds, precious stones accelerate the processes and make the game more dynamic. Use the code – ND_ZLQONjP

The game is a simulator of the city, but the difference is the laboratory. It is under the very city in which scientists are developing new workers. Hosts, these are robots with artificial intelligence, which completely serve the guests of the city. Develop technology and make your heroes more intelligent in order to assign more responsible tasks to them. Westworld, this is a simulator of the city with a scientific laboratory.

The player will develop science, conduct new research and build a city at the same time. After a short training, the player learns to manage all the processes, work in the city and the laboratory. Your main task is to make the city attractive to tourists. If they leave the park in a good mood, then the next train will come even more visitors.

Unlimited resources in the game, no file mods

Delos Park Training Simulation falls under the control of a gamer. Creating new buildings, servicing hosts and developing artificial intelligence, these are the main tasks that a player can manage. After completing the training the player gets into a dynamically developing world, but after a couple of hours he starts looking for where to download Westworld mod, or the hacked version of the game.

Up to level 5, the development of hosts and cities is dynamic, after which the financial crisis sets in. There are no diamonds to speed up the processes and one has to wait for hours to complete important actions. Achievements and accomplishments bring gold coins, but the premium currency is available for real money. And on their number depends the success of development and the speed of development of the park.

Control and construction

An indicator of success is the percentage of satisfied customers. With the increase in the level of hosts, they can be used in more complex structures and assign important work. To unlock all buildings, park locations and opportunities for improvement, the player will need a hacked Westworld using the codes. This will improve the overall impression of the game.

The game combines the genre of simulator builder and scientific laboratory. The success of one area strongly affects the other, so hundreds of improved hosts available for the game currency will allow you to quickly unlock the buildings. Perform diagnostics of hosts and increase their level to perform the tasks as efficiently as possible. Start a career and become a leader in the field of intelligence.

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