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hack Zombie Crisis

Get coins and gems on the account for free. Zombie Crisis hack will help unlock powerful weapons and equipment. Codes work on all Android & iOS devices and allow you to improve the gameplay. Play without restrictions in purchases, unlock powerful weapons and assistants to cope with crowds of zombies and bosses. The game will not give more awards than the player can get himself, having studied the instruction and following the tips for passing the game.

Enjoy a colorful shooter, performing complex missions and tasks. The game Zombie Crisis is free, but it has in itself game purchases, which can be circumvented using tricks. Become the heroes of the detachment to destroy the zombies and clear the territory. Perform tasks and get more complex missions. Awards allow you to buy new weapons and equipment for further attacks to the city and the destruction of hundreds of zombies.

Zombie Crisis cheat codes:

  • 47,500 Z Coins – UBA * pRGDtPI
  • 3,405 Gems – diM * VRkP7v4


According to the plot of the game you participated in the task of clearing the territory. But the superior force was not in the teeth of your unit, only you could survive. To get out of the lair of the enemy, one will have to destroy the main enemies alone. It takes a lot of time, because resources are limited. In the game there are dozens of weapons, armor and other equipment.

Performing complex missions and receiving money the player gets the opportunity to get assistants. To get a lot of money, it’s not necessary to download Zombie Crisis mod, or to get special rights from the root device or jailbreak. Follow the prompts and the basics of the passage to learn management. Hide behind burning machines and concrete walls and attack.

Free money, bonus codes

Using secrets, the player will be able to unlock robots and assistants and get support during the battle. Destroy the zombies with conventional weapons, or modern lasers and plasma guns. Using the hack Zombie Crisis, the player gets the opportunity to unlock paid weapons and speed up the passage. Any equipment becomes available for purchase, increase the level and replenish your arsenal.

Target in the head, use tricks to save energy. During the fight the player needs to monitor several indicators, HP, SP and the number of rounds. You can enjoy the gameplay in three modes: Company, Search mode and Hunter mode. Learn different zombies and destroy the huge bosses who will bring a great reward and valuable items.

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