Zombie Rush – the Dead Runner Game for Android, secret cheat codes

Zombie Rush hack android

Return the stolen gold and potions, hack Zombie Rush will unlock all the characters. Free Zombie Rush and without the Internet can be on Android & iOS. Download and enjoy the endless pursuit of crazy Igor. Use your skills, mutate into an immortal monster and return the development to the lab. Lots of interesting levels and pets, use secrets and get endless resources.

The first minion assisted Dracula and Frankenstein in creating new mutations. But in the process of work he picked up the virus and rushed away from the laboratory, choose one of the created monsters and go into the chase. Sharp turns, precipices, traps and traps will be at every turn. Speed ​​is constantly growing, you need a quick reaction to cope with the task. Set records by collecting potions along the way.

Zombie Rush cheat codes, bonuses and secrets:

  • Potions are required for improvement, modernization. To get 65,000 for free, use the code – Ou * 2bZn1Bl
  • Precious stones, like a premium currency, open token chests, unlock characters and use boosters. To get 4 650 gems, for free – 1f * 6MkDoT2

You will not surprise anyone with a free runner, and this is for free. But the gameplay without Internet connection, now a rarity, it not only makes it easier to crack, but also allows you to play anywhere. Many offer to download Zombie Rush 💀 – the Dead Runner Game mod to get endless money, gold. Unlock characters can be much easier.

Gameplay, graphics and controls

The zombie theme is one of the most popular in the gaming world, hundreds of games for one genre. But to remember a suitable runner with the participation of living dead is quite difficult. And although the game does not look childish, play is allowed from 3 years. Yes, there is no blood and violence here, but monsters are horrible for such little ones. Excellent graphics just play a child’s imagination.

But maybe the developers decided that the children will not be afraid of monsters, if they are on their side. And in this game it is really so, you have a whole laboratory of terrible monsters. They will help you carry out the tasks. Yes, it’s an endless runner, but here there are different tasks, to collect the right amount of potions, precious stones, or simply to return the necessary resources.

Cheats Zombie Rush 💀 – the Dead Runner Game allow you to quickly and without purchases get paid game resources. This will only improve the game, will unlock amazing places and the most powerful zombies. Make your way through complex labyrinths, frozen tsunami and return to the laboratory. Conduct mutations over monsters and create new pets in this runner.

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