Codesing Angry Birds Transformers

Cheats Angry Birds Transformers for coins, crystals and pigsHacking Angry Birds Transformers codes for+ 10,000 coins, crystals + 2500 and Pigs.

Completely new  version of the game Angry Birds Transformers, not like the previous version, but also captures first moment. And hacking with  using cheat codes will  help you not only improve the old transformers, and unfreeze and get new ones  and quickly remove the fog of war from the island.

A spark fell onto the island of birds  and turned evilones into the  Autobirds and pigs Into the Deseptopigs, but after the fall of sparks eggs for unknown reason, began to destroy the island. To protect the island from destruction – the main mission of the game, which is made in 3D excellent graphics and customization. To remove the fog of war on the island, you need to pay a certain amount of coins and the level – determined by the number of improvements of all Transformers.

For passing each level you  get the coins, and donates in the game are crystals, for them it is possible not only to buy literally everything but  accelerate  the improvements. To not  spend real money in the game Angry Birds Transformers, you can use the codes to hack the game for free and without downloads.

The list of cheat codes for hacking game Angry Birds Transformers on Android and IOS

Code +10 000 coins (money), which can be spent to upgrade, it increases protection, damage and speed – ANGTMN10EY;

Cheat on +2 500 crystals in the game – ANGTCR25ST;

Code for immediate improvement of  transformers,  some improvements require expectations aboute couple of minutes or a few l hours.

If you don’t wantt to wait, you can use the cheat on crystals, or enter a code when buying improvements – ANGTIMPRMO;

Piggies – can be exchanged for new  Autobirds or Deseptopigs who underwent freezing. Code for getting +1 000 pigs – ANGTPIG1KS;

The  passing to a new level in the game is possible after all Transformers are improved,  to do it automatically and go to a new level, enter the code – ANGTNEXT1L;

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Angry Birds Transformers” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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