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Finally our programmers managed to find cheats for Android and iOS, now you can play with huge bacterium without straining and make your nick name well-known. With the help of our secret codes you can do your bacteria rapidly increase in its size, or even make it invisible. These codes have successfully tested and work as on iOS and Android devices.

This method of breaking completely safe for both your account and your device, since you do not need to get jailbreak, or root rights to hack the game. Apart from the usual cheats options you can use an entirely new advantage – automatically bypass the bacteria that are no longer you, you just will repel from them their same speed as guarantees you immortality, and you can grow to enormous size.

The list of cheats to break the game on Android and iOS:

Cheat on magnetic field, which repels you from bacteria more when they are accelerated, because your bacteria also accelerated (actually, this is the code of immortality) – x0cd1jsj

Increase speed by 1.5 times, this is the optimal speed, which is not likely to cause suspicion in others players, most importantly, make your nickname difficult to remember – 0oh1bdye

Cheat on growing in size 2 times (if you eat the bacteria 100, then grow to 200) – n0trb1uy

Chit invisibility or transparency, increase your transparency at -10, will give an opportunity to be selected others virtually unnoticed – 1jcow0ye

Chit the scale, it will increase your field survey to 2 times that will allow better orientation on the field – jz0uey1v

The final code, cheat on the weight, will give the opportunity to start immediately with the weight of 200 – cj01idytw

Cheat on Android can be found if you will complain about the other players, the very same Use the codes can be found by entering the code you simply substituting the characteristics of your Bacteria on the server. Using the zoom code, which will increase your field of 2 times quite as well It cheats the magnetic field perfectly safe to use.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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