Codess Russian Crime Simulator 2 not mod apk

Russian Crime Simulator 2 cheat codes, not mod apk

Though the game and is similar to the well-known GTA unlikely that you feel free without breaking Russian Crime Simulator 2 on Android and IOS. In the game you will be able to ride on any cars that will be able to take away, but with ammunition and weapons you will have a problem – they are very expensive in the game, so you won’t be able to be completely free without getting in the game Russian Crime Simulator 2 a lot of money and infinite ammo.

In addition to cars in the game you can ride on a tank, to carry out various missions, or just wander the streets and feel the freedom. Graphics are average, but for the mobile game it’s okay , and drawing ofsome elements are even better than in the GTA. And to break the game you do not have to look where to download the modes or apk for Russian Crime Simulator 2 to get a lot of money, ammunition and even disable ads.

List of codes to crack Russian Crime Simulator 2 Android and iOS:

For the money you can buy everything you need to have in the game: weapons, ammunition. To get the money 125 000 Russian Crime Simulator 2, use code – KR8VVO39

In the game you can turn on a secret function “infinite ammo” – 9VI3LXIV

Immortality in the game – 94KV0XQI

Disable advertisement in the game – OV4I9VXI

Our cheats Russian Crime Simulator 2 is the safest to use, because they do not require downloading mods or gain root or jailbreak rights. Only codes you can actually experience the world of the free games. These codes are completely safe in the game, because they are part of the game, and so their input was correct, follow the instructions.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Russian Crime Simulator 2” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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