Codess Social Empires not mod apk – cheat codes

Social Empires cheats, not mod apk

If you want to be better than friends in the game, you definitely need to spend a lot of dollars, either use Social Empires hack on facebook. Note that our method of hacking is very safe, because You don’t need to enter your personal information to the profile, or download additional modes. Our crack runs on based on the secret codes which are part of the game and were found by our programmers the program code. And entering these codes do not require downloading or installing additional cheats just use the instructions and enter the code to get the necessary resources.

Secret codes Social Empires, will help you to get resources such as money (cash), a lot of gold, food, wood and metal. We recommend not to enter these codes more than 1 time per day, these resources  would be enough, and they are often introduce can lead to a ban and changes the code of the game, which will not allow to get resources to other players.

Social Empires cheats will give an opportunity to get a significant advantage in the game, even to the players, that invest in the game with real money. After all the money they spend on replenishment, you are be able to use certain codes to replenish gold, meat, wood and metal.

The list cheat codes for cracking Social Empires in facebook:

Cash in the game, the most important and donating currency, but now you can get 2750 dollars for free, Using the code – d2ju7y50

Add the stock of gold at 50,000 – fjc50cje

Resupply of food (meat) at 50,000 – deo50uvc

Add a tree on the stock of 50 000 – fur50due

Add metal inventories 50,000 – jhr50uch

Check out any building instantly – 1mocn1oi

Using data from Social Empires cheats, you can quickly build your medieval empire and conquer the strongest contenders. Cracking Social Empires you can play faster, your villagers will be faster work, and an army of archers and cavalry to frighten opponents. Before using the code, be sure to Read the manual.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Social Empires” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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