Codess Warmode not mod apk

Warmode cheat codes, not mod apk

Warmode cheats will provide an opportunity not only to get a lot of money, gold and silver coins, but also to gain superpowers: immortality, infinite ammo, jumping, sight and cars passing through walls. Secret codes are part of the game and their safe use, but you can catch a ban if you are complaining about the players, this does not leave many people like to play by the rules.

Warmod – an online shooter with good graphics and a set of weapons, which resembles an old, CS good but in the new version, which has brought her many fans. Hacking Warmode shooter will give you a huge advantage over other players, but you do not use them too often, that guarantees the safety of your account. The game has two modes: Quest and destruction, but only the first is popular, where you can choose the team for which you want to fight and lead a gunfight.

Chita Warmode:

Get 1000 gold coins – EI1_Kds00Gld

Code to produce 10 000 silver coins – E10_Kxo00Slv

Unlock all weapons by using this code you will not need to gain experience to buy new weapons. Code level Warmode – UNL_All00Wea

The following cheats can be found Warmode other players, be careful in their use:

Immortality in the game – 032_Ixk32Ejs

Infinite Ammo Warmode – 043_Eix32Enc

The exact hit in the head – 031_Rjx01Vch

Pass through walls – 038_Ubv84Hcu

Shoot through walls – 057_Uxj83Ucn

High jump – 087_Sid53Ucx

Bring victory to his faction, hone shooting skills and take a worthy place in the ranking. In the near future, developers promise new bun in the game that make the game more interesting and rich. In the meantime, enjoy the amount of money in the game and in a hurry to use the codes as they work, because they can be modified in the next update of the game.

You can of course download fashion Warmode, but it may not be safe, use secret codes do not require you to download additional programs or to enter personal data. Efficiency cheats Warmod depends on the exact sequence of step, so carefully study and follow the instructions.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Warmode” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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