Hay Day cheat & codes

Hacking game Hay Day

The great game Hay Day for Android and IOS  is now available with cheats and codes for getting more coins and diamonds . It’s just another farm, where you are a citizen whose uncle gave you his craft and you must  deal with it’s development.

This is not the first game of this type,but Hay Day attracted so many fans for several reasons. Someone likes it for the freedom of actions ,others for it’s graphics,and I bet  you know that the graphics  in the game are really amazing .

In the Hay Day you can get enough money and gems without hacking and using cheats, you can slowlysave them up (secrets for this read below). But for those who loves all at once , we will give the codes in the end.

Secrets of  getting more diamonds  in the game Hay Day:

  1. for each new level you will get a 1-2 diamond;
  2. you also get diamonds for quests;
  3. make repost in facebook – get 1 diamond;
  4. login to the game through facebook – get 5 diamonds;
  5. view videos of other games – one diamond;
  6. mystery box – look for the chests, they have diamonds;
  7. take part in competitions of the game (on their facebook page);
  8. after 24 levels you will get more diamonds even for excavation of trees and other actions.

And for those who have already firmly decided to hack the game Hay Day  with the cheat, you’re in the right place. Surely you have already downloaded more than one mode and hack , but nothing seems to  happened,  it didn’t  increase the amount of money – it is not surprising. All these modes is  the interference in the gaming process  and you can be easily banned for this.  With using  of these codes you can safely play without worries  about the bans.

Cheat code for  receiving 1000 gold coins – HD10fh_74jc00

Cheat code for  receiving  1000 diamonds in the game – HD10jc_47fh00

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Hay Day ” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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