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hack HEIR OF LIGHT for android

Fantasy RPG travel to the mobile, hack HEIR OF LIGHT give you unlimited money, crystals. Root or jailbreak rights are not required, use the codes and get a lot of money on the account for free. The user interface of the game resembles King’s Raid, and the battles take place with the same dynamics. Collect the team of heroes and unite them for joint travel through the darkness. Follow the instructions and quickly raise the level to return power to the light.

Gothic fantasy has 3D graphics, interesting characters and bosses from different sides. For battles you will need to assemble a team of heroes, each new location will allow you to acquire new allies. Although they are determined to fight against darkness, skills will be lacking. Extensive RPG capabilities open up in front of the player who has learned to use the secrets of passing and codes.

Cheats HEIR OF LIGHT, bonuses:

  • Free games, this is a convention. The cooler the design, the more bucks you need to spend to enjoy it to the fullest. There are two currencies, gold coins and crystals. The first one is much easier to get, but they need a lot to improve and buy new items. This code will replenish your account with gold for 117,000 units, free of charge – SAPDY4_U7
  • Gems, or diamonds, this premium currency will allow you to open paid boxes, gain more experience and unlock paid items. Significant advantage is given by the code, it will replenish the account for 7 830 diamonds – SN0T16_LF

Open paid chests, get new characters into the team. A wide variety of skills and characters allows each player to create a unique team of heroes. Unblock the arena to test your strength in the battles with others. The arena gives the opportunity to fight with friends and other players.

You do not need to download HEIR OF LIGHT mod, use codes for money, gain experience and develop tactics to win more wins.

Gameplay, controls and skills

Role-playing game has a free system of movement, your characters can walk both linearly and scattered. Change the camera view to more precisely control the actions of the team.

Collect runes, learn new skills, develop a strategy. Your opponents will be strong, for victory you will need knowledge and skills to reverse the course of the battle.

In your hands, restore the peace, raise the level of the character, defend the towers from attacks, travel through different dungeons in search of new runes and awards.

HEIR OF LIGHT cheats will illuminate every inch of the earth. Learn the mysterious world, meeting the most unusual of its inhabitants. Dark forces will collect large armies to stop you, be ready for the test.

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