Heroes of Camelot free cash & crystals, secret codes

Heroes of Camelot hack

Cheats for the game Heroes of Camelot hack are needed by everyone who liked the game, since its passage without the infusion of real money or the use of cheats and hacking is almost impossible.

The level of the game on the schedule and the plot and the diversity of combat combinations puts it on a par with Clash Of Clans and Shadow Fight

Cheats Heroes of Camelot for Android and iOS:

  • increase energy level – fd48JKs3
  • to increase manna – fk34DJ83
  • Get a win over the boss – Gide84Dk
  • get 1000 talismans – Gk10jkD8
  • get money – dj43fjDj
  • cheat on crystals in the game Heroes of Camelot – Gk100jkD
  • Cheats on the cards in the game Heroes of Camelot:
  • Ordinary maps – fkID84JD
  • Extraordinary maps – jfURE84c
  • Rare cards – dj3Djf4J
  • Very rare cards – jdf48DE8
  • Extremely rare cards – eo43jcNV
  • Legendary Cards – FJ49jD3m
  • Pump the card to the maximum level – fk34DUJ3

Game description:

The game “Heroes of Camelot” is a classic card game, transferred to the screens of mobile devices. Here there are all the classic elements, including the search for rare heroes, the creation and development of decks, as well as the battle of the player against the player.

The plot completely repeats the legends about the knights of King Arthur, differing only in details. Merlin, the Black Knight and hordes of enemies, armed with sword and magic – all this awaits the player in the gaming Britain. True, and on the side of goodness there are new forces, namely the teams of heroes, collected by players who perform tasks, bringing the victory over evil closer.

Heroes of Camelot mod

The developers decided to diversify the game process, adding there elements that are not typical of the classic card games. So there was a mode of tasks, where it is necessary to choose a location, each of which is provided with a unique background, and to fulfill the set goal there. During the exploration of the zone, coins and experience will be collected, and, periodically, enemies will appear.

After entering the battle, you can forget about management for a while – everything happens in an automatic mode. The game performs the most priority actions, using as necessary special skills of cards. It only remains to wait for the result and see who came out the winner. All that a player can do is to collect the most effective deck with rare heroes, correctly combining the skills and characteristics of the cards. Hacked Heroes of Camelot gives you free shopping, everyone can play for free on Android & iOS in 2018 and enjoy free shopping. No need to download the mod, or get root & jailbreak right.

The game process, although it does not shine with diversity, and also limits the freedom of control, but still can take many hours. The monotonous computer opponents do not have enough time to bother the players, because “Heroes of Camelot” constantly unobtrusively pushing to the development of group battles and single battles the player against the player, where a lot depends on the correctly assembled and developed deck.

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