Heroes Rage free Gems & Coins for Android, bonus codes, secret

Heroes Rage hack android

Use the codes and get Heroes Rage hack for gold and precious stones. Get a lot of money on your Android device without downloading mod files. Secrets available to each player, follow the tips in the instructions. Unlock the cards of the legendary heroes, raise their level and equip with a powerful weapon. Fight for the flag, develop a strategy to capture and destroy all in its path.

Use diamonds and continue the battles at any time. Recover after the defeat, gain experience and destroy the enemy. Fight for the flag, some players must stay on the defense of the flag. The rest are fighting for the capture of the enemy’s flag. This is a team game, using the Heroes Rage cheats player gets a significant advantage. Now you can fight for the flag to the end, recovering from defeat.

Secret codes Heroes Rage:

  • 50 000 gold coins – YwBG_NBwI7
  • 5,000 gems- ZBOZ_JU3zq

Features of the game, free secrets

Downloading the game on the phone, the player gets the opportunity to fight in a team battle. Navigate to the map, there are two teams on each side. Everyone has his own flag, the team that captures the opponent’s flag wins. But the capture of the flag should be fixed by time in a circle on its own base. If the flag is stolen, there is a chance to return it.

The game Heroes Rage team, in one team can be different players. 8 types of character, each has unique skills. Warriors and armored personnel carriers, each has advantages. If every member of the team performs its role, success is guaranteed. Many play for themselves, which is a critical error.

Free money, gems in the game

In addition to battles, the player can carry out improvements and equip the character. Open the chests and get weapons and equipment. Install them on the hero and get unique skills. This makes battles more unpredictable. To play it is possible only with the connected Internet, fans to download mod Heroes Rage I will advise will learn to use codes on purchases.

This is an effective way to get a lot of money into the account and develop your abilities. Expand the potential of the hero, increasing his skills and the power of weapons. But do not forget that the game is a team game. Use your skills for the benefit of the team and play the right role. Use boosters and become invisible, or accelerate. Secret codes give a significant advantage when passing the game.

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