Hexa Drive free Coins, unlock all Characters, not download mod

Hexa Drive hack

Free unlock Cabbie, Rusty and Chubby, get a lot of money. Hack Hexa Drive for Android, iOS will allows you to get even more pleasure from the game and set new records. Follow the tips in the instructions, turn off advertisements and make the game more enjoyable. Removing the speed limits, the player gets more chances to beat his previous records and achievements of friends.

Free arcade on mobile devices, endless gameplay will bring pleasure anytime, anywhere. Participate in the global ranking, developing the maximum speed and gaining points. In the game store, the player can get extra lives, or coins to buy for real money. Downloading Hexa Drive mod is optional, infinite resources can be obtained with the help of codes.

Free Cheats Hexa Drive:

  • Coins in the game act as the main currency, collect a maximum of fruit at a level to get more money as a reward. For them, the player can purchase speed boosters, unlock characters and other items. Get 20 000 coins, free – QW_43QGbo
  • Disable ads in the game – NN_amGXLZ

The game has a simple graphics with not the most vivid colors, but high dynamics of what is happening. The road is a pentagonal core, on each strip there are obstacles and fruits. To win, you need to collect a maximum of fruit and get as far as possible. The speed is constantly increasing, train the reaction, or waste precious lives.

Gameplay, free coins and life

Enjoy endless adventures, download Hexa Drive for free and run anywhere anytime. You do not need to have an Internet connection for the game, if you do not want to synchronize the records with the global rating. One finger is enough to control, fence to move between roads and avoid obstacles.

The gameplay is endless, but with each new job the speed increases. Donater can buy additional lives and start from the moment of the collision. The more speed, the faster the player gains points. The credits are calculated for the distance traveled. Use boosters and bonuses to beat your previous record.

Unlock characters, improve performance using boosters, hacked Hexa Drive will give endless coins. Take the first place in the world ranking and get additional rewards. Perform mini tasks, achievements and enjoy the endless race. Share your secrets with friends and compete in speed.

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