Holy Ship free Gems & Gold for Android, not mod

Holy Ship hack

Exciting role-playing game on your mobile, use a hack Holy Ship for Android & iOS and get a lot of money. Codes for gold and precious stones will allow you to unlock all the skins and ships and build a strong team. Become the most powerful pirate of all time and people. Using tricks, everyone can get unlimited resources. To do this, you do not need to get root or jailbreak rights, or download mod files. Follow the instructions, use promotional codes and get the reserves of premium currency on the account for free.

Instant improvements, access to paid chests. Open the skins of the strongest pirates and create an unbeatable team of heroes. This role-playing game is the key point is the development of the crew, the purchase of new ships and improvements. An endless number of battles, enemies are waiting for everywhere. They will attack the pirate shoe from all sides. Use boosters and super strokes to repel an attack of a dozen enemies. Save tens of dollars and get donater opportunities, playing freely and avoiding restrictions.

Holy Ship cheats:

  • + 8,730 Gems – PxQ_0vgHt8
  • + 115 000 gold coins – TfF_xdOUP6

The game begins with a journey on the high seas, enemies everywhere. Role-play has elements of the clicker, tap on the screen to attack. At the bottom of the screen are additional features and boosters, which cause maximum damage. Go through the levels, destroy dozens of enemies and collect chests with treasures.

Description of the game Holy Ship

This is a colorful role-playing game with ample opportunities for improvements. Collect a team of dangerous pirates and develop their abilities. You are the captain of the crew, buy a new ship for the team and equip with a weapon. Valuable treasures are guarded by large marine monsters. One finger is enough to fight, but you need to have a strong enough team and weapons to win. Hacked Holy Ship for crystals and gold coins will make it possible to become the greatest pirate.

Beautiful graphics, funny and dangerous characters and enemies. Opponents will move on a shark with a hammer, a large squid, or an octopus. The danger is everywhere, choose automatic battles to control only super abilities. Weapons, skills and abilities have unique indicators of strength, using money the player can raise their level. Strengthen the ship and the crew, the more abilities in the arsenal, the more likely to win.

Fighting evil bosses brings the maximum amount of gold. Valuable rewards and precious stones can be obtained from paid chests, using Holy Ship cheats do not need to expect installation, or upgrade weapons. Accelerate processes and increase your level. Your team will always be there, dangerous journeys through open spaces hide great dangers. Buy equipment and weapons and create a unique ship. What will your ship look like if you get a lot of money on the account.

Powerful skills, rare weapons and equipment for pirates. Large cannons, accelerators and other boosters will increase your chances of survival. Discover new regions, look for ancient treasures and meet legendary bosses. Use codes and get even more fun from the game.

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