Hoop Rush for Android, mod, free gems, unlock all skins

Hoop Rush hack

If we talk about the company ketchapp, then it’s always simple, fun and exciting. Hoop Rush, this is another arcade from the developer with an endless and exciting gameplay. You can download the game for free for Android, iOS. Show your reaction and accuracy, control the ring that is strung on a curved rope. Set new records and collect gems. Hacked Hoop Rush for money gives endless gems and the ability to recover from a mistake and unlock all levels.

About the game

A simple arcade in which the van needs to hold the line, accurately guiding it along the middle of the ring. This can be difficult if you are playing for the first time. After several attempts, you can understand the volume distance to the middle of the ring and go through complex obstacles. Hoop Rush, this is a simple but very addictive arcade from the developers of such famous hits: Knife Hit, Rider, Space Frontier and others.

The company is aimed at creating the most simple games that everyone can download. All of them are free and are seized on the first attempt. Each time this is a challenge, and to start playing first, just press the ‘play’ button. The game has a currency in the form of precious stones, with their help you will be able to unlock additional levels and restore the game after an error.


Hoop Rush mod

To download Hoop Rush mod, it’s enough to have 38 MB of free disk space. This is a new, three-dimensional time killer that can be run anywhere and enjoy the gameplay. Share achievements with friends on social networks, so that there is an incentive to beat each other’s records. To win you need to get as far as possible. For this you need to be able to keep the thread in the center of the circle. You will also be greeted by red obstacles, they are larger in volume and require the player to achieve the maximum accuracy.

Controls in the game are simple, enough to swipe your finger across the screen to move the ring. Gems are at different ends of the thread in space to collect them you must touch the edge of the ring. Having collected the quantity you need, you will be able to unlock new levels. Before each game you have the ability to change the difficulty level using the slider. Beat the records and get valuable rewards in the form of precious stones.


Hoop Rush cheat

The game is simple, you can download it to the oldest phone. To play you need Android above 4.1 version. Simple, but voluminous graphics. White thread and rings of different colors. The precious stones are green, and the obstacles are red. This makes it easy to navigate in space and to distinguish things. Using gems Hoop Rush for free, anyone can unlock skins and make variety in the game.

Keep your line and beat records, for each achievement you will get the opportunity to unlock the prize. As gifts, you will receive new skins, precious stones, or booster. Use the tricks and get a lot of money on the account for free.

Hoop Rush Hack:

  • 10,000 gems – On#39cuqYTW
  • Disable ads – Of#4ZZty62d

Set new records and share tricks with friends. To use codes, simply follow the simple steps from the instructions.

  • Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Hoop Rush” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations


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