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hack Hotel Dracula for Android

Help Dracula manage the hotel in the game Hotel Dracula. Take people and vampires, use the hack Hotel Dracula for Android to get gold and a lot of money on the account. This will create a popular place for many visitors. Constantly improve the hotel, raise its level and earn money. Follow the tips in the instructions and get more fun from the game, making free purchases.

A unique game on mobile devices, here you need to serve people and vampires at one time. Depending on the time of day, take different guests and create for them comfortable conditions. Your immediate superior is Count Dracula himself, so you’ll have to hurry. Take on the management of all processes, serve guests and work on improving the institution.

Hotel Dracula cheat codes:

  • 50 000 gold for free, this is the main currency by which you can buy items, improve items and buy new ones. Use the code to get bonus money – XqJ4AKlu4

Welcome to the hotel, be careful and study all instructions. Everything has to be done quickly and without delay, your guests will not wait. Wear the uniform of the manager and take care of the small business of the hotel. Grow your business by earning money at a restaurant and hotel. Work will have day and night, because your customers have a different rhythm of life.

In the afternoon, take people and feed them with appropriate dishes, and in the evening prepare to meet with vampires. They can prove to be grateful customers and will bring money. Download mod Hotel Dracula to get a lot of money is not necessary, develop your business and expand opportunities. Buy more valuable items and enjoy new opportunities.

Free money, secrets

Funny simulator on mobile devices, with the sunrise meet people and drive away lost souls. Customers should remain satisfied, then you can count on monetary gratitude. Gold plays an important role in the development of the hotel. Go through the tasks and fulfill the requirements much easier and more interesting with a lot of resources. Hacked Hotel Dracula is a great advantage when passing through.

Take your place among different guests and satisfy the needs of everyone. Your business should reincarnate at the time of sunset. The game has graphics that help plunge into the days of Dracula. Start with small tasks and gradually take more responsibility. Develop in step with the times, study spells that will allow you to control the situation.

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