Hotel Transylvania: Monsters hack for Android

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters! Puzzle Action Game is a new, fun game for mobile devices. You can download it for free on your Android, iOS device. Collect your own team of monsters, update their skills and spells and challenge players from all over the world. This is a role-playing game in which you can assemble a team of monsters for your own hotel and fight with other players. The game has several modes and currencies, hacked Hotel Transylvania: Monsters! Puzzle Action Game will allow you to get coins and crystals for free. But first we’ll get to know the game itself.

About the game

The game is based on a popular cartoon that has millions of fans around the world. Hotel Transylvania: Monsters for Android allows each player to create their own hotel with monsters. Collect a team of monsters and fight with other players. This eerie world has many fun moments, spells and countless battles. Multiplayer mode will allow you to test the strength and fight with other players.

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters cash

Fight for new relics and spells that will strengthen your hero. The higher the level of the opponent, the more rewards you can get. The player receives coins, crystals are available through the game store. Shopping in the game gives a significant advantage, unlock paid characters and restore energy. Using the codes, or donate the player gets the freedom of buying and the ability to use all the items in the game.

Game process

Start with the first battle, if you love 3 in a row, then it will be much easier to fight. Meet with the enemy face to face, under you is a field with multi-colored crystals. By collecting combinations of monochrome elements you can attack the enemy. Hotel Transylvania: Monsters mod has a large number of skills and combinations. Between battles you can use relics and add new skills to your monsters arsenal.

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters mod

Rich rewards enable you to build your own hotel and unlock all kinds of monsters. Collect your favorite monsters and use their skills and spells to defeat other monsters. Fight for the championship, the game has a developed multiplayer mode. Challenge friends, or other players, win and get money. Participation in tournaments will improve your level and receive additional rewards.


The game has a cartoon schedule, downloading the game you can immerse yourself in the cartoon and become the main character. Interact with your favorite monsters in the same team. Bright characters have a high level of detail. Using rewards, crystals and money Hotel Transylvania: Monsters you will be able to unlock high-level monsters. Share cheat codes with your friends to create a powerful guild.

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters hack

Each monster has unique abilities and can cast spells on its opponents. Collect the crystal combinations to use the spells. Victory will bring coins, experience and the ability to update their characters. Prove to all that your monster is the strongest. Participate in tournaments that take place in colorful, mythical places. The most terrible will win.

Hack Hotel Transylvania: Monsters! Puzzle Action Game

  • 9 850 crystals – 7J8_46RVv6g
  • 76,500 coins – Zvtv_HWt0Eb

Having a lot of money on the account you can win in the tournament Blood Moon! Unlock dozens of diverse monsters, use crystals to quickly raise your level and explore the world of the Transylvania hotel. In the game you are waiting for hundreds of fights, using the cheat codes you can get the benefits of Donater. This hack works on all Android, iOS devices.

Download Hotel Transylvania: Monsters! Puzzle Action Game mod (Google Play)

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