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hack Hungry Dragon for Android

Free coins and precious stones (4 500 gems), Hungry Dragon hack for Android, iOS without downloading mods. Secret cheat codes for money will allow unlocking different dragons, buying them costumes and challenging huge bosses. You can download the game for free, but the game purchases limit the player’s purchases. Follow the tips in the instructions and take advantage of the passage, experience all the dragons.

A fiery dragon can fly, or sink into the water, the main thing is not to remain hungry. Those who played in Hangry Shark understand what I mean. Ubisoft decided to continue the popular series, which was downloaded hundreds of millions of times both on Android and iOS. In this game, a similar gameplay with new characters in the form of fire dragons, a new map and environment. Forget about hunger, devour all living things and earn experience and coins.

Hungry Dragon cheat codes:

  • Gold coins allow you to buy items and dragons to get 85,000 coins for free, use the code – iN_hsB9Yzk5
  • Gems are a premium currency, bought for real money. They will allow you to unlock the paid dragons and buy paid items in the game. To get 4 500 gems of Hungry Dragon for free, use the cheat code – EX_hsW3dQfw

Descriptions and gameplay

A bright arcade with funny characters, interesting and dynamic gameplay. Choose a dragon from a dozen represented and go to destroy the villages and the city. Eat townspeople and other animals, gaining health. The main thing is not to stop and constantly look for new victims. In addition to peaceful you will meet large monsters and orcs, who are represented as bosses.

To defeat them you need to avoid attacks, and attack at the right time. All controls in the game are carried out using taps. For coins, a player can purchase boosters and get additional opportunities, increase the characteristics and open new territories. Often, players try to download Hungry Dragon mod and stumble upon malicious files. Download the game from Google Play, it guarantees the correct operation of the game and will allow you to enjoy all the updates.

Free money and gems

Actions take place in the medieval realm, but with colorful animations. Do tasks, gaining the right experience and unlock new territories and objects. Each dragon has special characteristics, size and power. Use its unique properties and buy extra costumes. They will allow you to fly faster, burn more at a time and collect more resources.

Hacked Hungry Dragon makes it possible to collect a complete collection of pets, for free. Look after and upgrade pets for future battles. Travel through caves, forests, mines in search of treasure. Opening the entire card and collecting the card, the player can spend the money to buy new dragons, which will be added with game updates. Tie the game account to social networks, so as not to lose achievements. Use secrets and destroy trolls, witches and other characters.

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