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Hyper Arena android

Do you want to get a lot of money in the game and are looking where to download hack Hyper Arena? Here you can learn how to do without breaking the rules of the game, use root or jailbreak rights. Since the game is free, then there are restrictions in it. To work around them have to spend money and buy premium currency in the game store. But if the game is really like, you can do this without downloading the mod Hyper Arena APK files and similar tricks.

This game recently appeared for free download on Android and iOS. And many have already achieved significant results in this game. How, you may ask? They use the bonus codes that operate in the testing stage, and available to all players prior to the upgrade. If you want to quickly improve your level, without breaking the rules of the game, you can use the given codes. They do not give you unlimited resources, but often give a powerful impetus to improve and reach new heights.

[Test Benefits]
In this test, the organizing committee still prepared a rich reward. For example, the star drills that the participants recharged during the test will be returned at a rate of 120% without deleting the file. In addition, there are 6 rebate tasks. Each time you complete a rebate task, the return rate will increase, and you can get up to 158% rebate!

In other words, if you recharge 100 yuan in this test, you will get 1000 star diamonds. The recharged star diamond can not only be used in this test, but also get 1000*158%=1580 in the public test. Star Diamond’s return (log in with the same account).
★Note: The part over 3,000 yuan will be returned in 1:1 ratio during the public beta.

Hyper Arena mod

To earn everything you need in the game, you can use many of the resources. Tasks and daily quests, as well as to participate in the proposed actions and connections to social networking the game. You can search for a long time hack Hyper Arena, but it can lead to lock and you will lose your achievements. Everyone can benefit from the advice given and to receive additional resources for the passing game.

Hyper Arena android Codes:

100 000 diamodns – 3uIN_#329*30

It’s not really a lot of resources to quickly go through the game and get in the top players. But if you really like the game, with the help of the money, jewels or coins you can buy a lot of things in the game store. Save time and energy for achievements.Control of the game is quite simple, and it is clear from the first level. Modern, colorful graphics and sound allow plunge into the atmosphere of the game. Hyper Arena Money allows you to discover the possibilities of the game and pay to level up. Show your friends what you can and can share his secret.

Review, Tips and Guide:

Super dimension showdown (test suit) – Netease games

Dear TapTap player:

Welcome to the ultimate test site of “Super-dimensional confrontation”! After a month of adjustment, the contestants of the “Ultra-dimensional confrontation” will meet with you again.

[Test time] 11:00 on August 31, 2018 – 22:00 on September 10, 2018
[Test Type] Android Billing Delete File Test
(The ios system is unable to open the billing test due to Apple’s official policy restrictions. We are very sorry about this. But the big guys are also anxious, the public beta will be ushered in after the test is over.)

Hyper Arena hack

【update content】
1. It is said that in order to improve their popularity, some of the contestants have redesigned their own appearances, which are cool and full!
2. Art has designed new clothes (skins) for the contestants, dark gothic style, beautiful ancient style, Japanese style and wind… I hope you will like it.
3. In order to highlight the individuality of the contestants, the custom accessory system will also meet with you, and all kinds of singular accessories with wide open minds can be DIY freely, no longer have to worry about colliding with others!
4. Some of the weak entrants worked diligently during the month, and the strength of the organizing committee’s guidance increased greatly. Some of the strong entrants recently neglected to practice and seemed to have regressed, and the entire battlefield was more balanced.
5. The hero feel is further improved, the action will be more closely matched with the model, and the sound effects and special effects will be more perfect.
6. The intensity of the line has been adjusted to make the game’s rhythm more natural and smooth.

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