Idle Factory Tycoon free Cash, secret cheat codes for Android, not mod

Idle Factory Tycoon hack

Get a lot of money and build an automated plant. Idle Factory Tycoon hack for Android, will improve the level, unlock improvements without downloading and entering personal data. Get resources to automate processes, speed up work and earn even more money. Follow the tips in the instructions to learn how to use the bonus codes for free purchases.

Download the game for free and enjoy an interesting gameplay. This is a simple and interesting pastime in any place. Create items in the factory and sell them. Invest your money in machine upgrades and improve employee performance. Idle Factory Tycoon is a free clicker on your mobile that will be fun to launch and that continues to work without you.

Idle Factory Tycoon cheat codes:

  • Money in the game is needed to buy more powerful weapons, or improve, and also to create a team of workers. The code for 100 000 money will allow you to make a quick start in the game and quickly raise the level – 6ka47bew
  • Disable ads – d3ai77hg


This is the simulator of the plant owner, download and tap on the screen to produce different parts. Production is not easy and requires a lot of investment. The purchase of new stations and their automation requires considerable cost. To become a tycoon you will have to work a lot and develop your own factory from scratch. You can play without purchases, but you have to spend a lot of money.

Downloading mod Idle Factory Tycoon is not safe, so the codes are the ideal way. You can use them several times, but do not do this every day. The resources are sufficient to expand the line of production, hire managers and increase productivity. Keep track of the indicators and constantly work on improvements.

Free money, tips

The plant will work even in your absence, correctly exposing the processes, managers will manage. You need to go into the game to spend the earned money for further modernization of the factory. Expand the number of workstations and start producing cars. The more your possessions, the more money you get for a single transaction.

Invest money, replenish your account using hacked Idle Factory Tycoon and enjoy full abundance. The more you become, the more investment is required for improvements. Become a millionaire and continue to build processes in your own factory. Having money you can be the first to use all the updates of the game.

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