Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack free Gold & Gems for Android, Secret, Codes

Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack hack

Free gold and gems, hack Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack on Android. In 2017, you do not have to download a mod to get a lot of money on the account. Cheat codes for free purchases allow you to replenish your account with resources for free, without root rights. Unblock ships, make improvements using premium currency. Rapid growth of level and passage of complex tasks. Clear the airspace from enemies and get rewards.

Go on missions with thousands of enemies. Endless fire, rockets and explosions, be careful and get away from the opponent’s attacks. Many complex tasks require management skills and weapon power. Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack Cheats for gold and crystals allow you to create a powerful ship and equip it with weapons. Use secrets, buy paid items and make quick improvements.

Free codes Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack:

  • 35 000 gold – veru_QChUPZ
  • 5,000 gems – 3oSk_f891rR

Features of the game

Colorful arcade on mobile devices, endless shooters in space. Choosing a ship and equipping with a weapon, the player moves to the battlefield. Moves around the field will allow you to collect bonuses and additional weapons. Raising ranks, you can access valuable items and improve. At the end of the level, you will meet with a huge boss.

Find weaknesses and go away from the opponent’s weapons. Crystals allow you to buy bonus weapons, missiles. This will allow you to quickly cope with the boss and continue the passage. Dozens of interesting levels in the game Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack are available for free. Go through space and get to the right point, the main task of the game.

Gold and lots of money for free

Traveling through the planets of the solar system, there are different enemies. It is difficult to get away from the oncoming fire, but by selecting a large number of boosters and upgrading qualifications, the chances are increasing. After downloading mod Infinite Shooting: Galaxy Attack, the player will not be able to use updates and pass new tasks. Using the codes in the game store, you can freely update the game.

The game has a simple control, you need quick reaction and skills to evade the enemy. Navigate the screen, leading an endless fire. In critical situations, you can use rockets and additional weapons. Moving to the hangar, gold and crystals can be used to enhance the characteristics of the ship. Share your achievements with your friends, discover new planets.

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