Iron Forse Codes Cheats

Iron Forse  cheats free crystal

Using this cheat in the game Iron Forse you can get 10 000 100 000 crystals and money as well the cheats hacking game on tanks.

Popular multiplayer game Iron Forse quite popular among gamers, each time new battles, new rivals and new tanks, and even if you play even a year, you get just a lot of fun from gaming. Maybe even more so as you have accumulated a good Tank and you use the authority and  tour rivals are of  another level. But for those who want to quickly Pump  and ride a good tank, we offer letter codes for the money and Gems(diamonds) as well as all tanks.

Our cheats do not require installation, downloads, we remind that these cheats are from developers,with were used to test the game Iron Forse on different levels, and they are now available to you.

But even if you get the desired tank in the game Iron Forse using cheats, you will need to Pump it,  and for that you  also will need money.  In the game it’s not easy  to get them , but thanks to cheats for money and diamonds we can play for fun.

cheat at 10,000 crystals in the game Iron Forse – dsw_rfde10d_irf

cheat  for money, will charge your wallet with 100 000 – sre_dv100vsw_irf

What  is good in cheats in this game, they only increase the fun, do not need to think about

savings and do not even have to buy the best tank immediately, can be pumped

favorite model to maximize and develop their game plan.

And if you’re too lazy to do it, and you want everything at once, keep the cheats for pumping tanks: 

up_1wer_irf – rockets to increase the damage and firing range;

up_fer2_irf – anti-vibration model, will increase the armor, and increase the speed;

up_dmn_2irf – reduce the recharge time, will increase the damage done;

up_w876_irf – inertial armor, neutralize the explosive punch from falling missiles;

up_f3nd_irf – layers of uranium will increase the threshold of vulnerability of tank shells;

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Iron Forse” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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