Jelly Copter free Coins, secret cheat codes, unlock all characters, items

Jelly Copter hack for android

Fly avoiding obstacles, collect candies and unlock characters. Jelly Copter hack will give unlimited resources and allow you to play freely, without restrictions. To use the codes, the player does not need to enter personal data, or receive special device rights, root or jailbreak. Set new records and share your achievements. Follow the tips in the instructions and get unlimited resources.

It is more interesting to play when nothing hinders, turn off advertisements. This allows you to play with the connected Internet and forget about annoying banners. Play easily and simply to get the most points you need to be concentrated and do not pay too much attention to unsuccessful attempts. And they can be done by thousands, it’s never tiresome, especially if your record is bypassed by friends.

How to get a lot of chocolates, cheats Jelly Copter:

  • The main currency in this funny and sweet arcade, candy. Fly through the mazes, collect them to unlock new characters, or restore lives. Enter the code to get 7 500 candies for free –
  • Disable ads in the application –

Colorful arcade on mobile phones Android, iOS. You can download Jelly Copter for free with Google Play and the Apple Store, only the original version of the game will allow you to use updates and enjoy new characters and tasks. Take control of the helicopter and other funny characters in your hands and stay in the air for as long as possible.

Characters and sweets, where to take them

The game has dozens of funny characters, from a standard helicopter, to a cat-quadrocopter. Yes, yes, the developers have included fantasy and created a lot of funny characters.

The arcade reminds of Chicken Jump, but here you need to tap on the screen to keep the height, rise, or fall. Do maneuvers and collect boosters, which are abundantly scattered on the map.

Players often look for where to download the Jelly Copter mod, but they just do not know to get the game characters can be much easier. An infinite number of attempts is available to everyone, for this it is not necessary to make game purchases, or to spend money. Participate in the global ranking of players and get unique awards.

Everyone can use Jelly Copter hacked and get a lot of sweets. They are needed only to buy the desired characters. Game of the genre, I’ll try again. The number of attempts can reach tens, the most desperate can make up to hundred attempts to break a record.

Competition is important, enjoy the pleasant graphics and make a difference, using the new characters of the game.

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