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hack Jumanji: The Mobile Game android

Play Jumanji: The Mobile Game on your mobile, you can download the game for free. Secret codes on Android, ios is not hack Jumanji: The Mobile Game, they allow you to get free jewels and gold coins on the account. Use these secrets to speed up the process of passing. Travel through the jungle and take part in adventure. The game is based on the film, every poet can not only see, but also live the life of the main characters.

A board game in which the player will throw dice and navigate positions. Maps are needed to perform actions on the field. You can fight with a computer to learn the rules, then you can fight real players. The battle of Jumanji is based on maps and is more similar to arcade battles. A fantastic world has many cards with useful functions that will turn the tide of the battle.

Jumanji: The Mobile Game cheat codes on Android & iOS:

  • Money is needed in the game for buying ordinary items and raising their level and characteristics. Get 200 000 for free, the code will help you – 8V9202GG_JM
  • Jewels, this is a premium currency that allows you to accelerate processes, open paid backpacks and receive rare items. To get 20 750 jewels for free, use the code – HNN1D0LW_JM


Board game has a bright, cartoon graphics and lots of funny characters. Battles and interesting travel, open new maps and use their abilities on the table. Avoid the opponent’s traps and become the winner in the wild world. The victory will depend on the deck, so you will need money to create it. You do not need to download the Jumanji: The Mobile Game mod to get resources.

Bonus codes allow you to steal more gold and win. Discover sights, unlock secret cards and use them for in battles. Favorite characters behave like in the movie, Dr. Braveston and Shelley Oberon bring into the game, the familiar mood.

Plot, maps

The children’s book gained popularity in the eighties, from that time the film was shot. An interesting story won millions of fans in the nineties. Now, game developers have decided to make a well-known series in the world of gaming. Here everyone can get acquainted with the history of Jumanji and enjoy the journey. A lot of unique and funny characters are available for free. Jumanji: The Mobile Game hacking gives the freedom of shopping in the game.

Travel in a mysterious world, unlock heroes, build your own deck and challenge other players. This wonderful adventure is available for free. Jewels are sold in the game store for real money. With their help

Jumanji: The mobile game was developed by Idicracy games and published by NHN Entertainment. With the theme of the famous film of the same name, bring players to the adventure in the mysterious world of Jumanji. Throw the dice to determine the number of moves. Once you are in position, you need to select one of the cards. Each of them has features and allows you to take action against an opponent. Collect a unique deck, raise its level with money and enjoy the gameplay without limits.

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