Jungle Guardians free Crystals, codes for Android, secret

Jungle Guardians hack

Complete the tasks, use the Jungle Guardians and get free crystals. Cheats for Android, allow you to get a lot of money for free purchases. The player does not need to get root or jailbreak rights to get unlimited resources. Accelerate the construction processes, unlock animals and buildings and create the largest center of wildlife. Exciting adventures can begin today, use the instructions and enjoy an abundance of resources.

Using secrets, the player gets a unique opportunity to unlock exotic species and populate in his center. Begin with planting trees, get fresh water and expand the area. Forget about the Jungle Guardians mod files, using the codes the player does not need to download suspicious files from unverified sites. Enjoy the diamonds, quickly raise the level and plunge into the life of wildlife.

Cheats Jungle Guardians for resources:

  • 13 750 crystals for free – l2i96mhm5n
  • Disable ads – l6gzl16agg

Review of the game, tips

Simulator of life in the Amazon rainforest. Humanity has destroyed the flora and fauna and you have a serious responsibility for recovery. Build a reserve, plant trees and populate exotic animals. Observe the colorful expanses in which you breathed life. Do rescue missions and get new animals.

Build buildings, ensure life by extracting food and water for animals. Beginning with small and at least the game Jungle Guardians is free, you can speed up all the processes with the help of precious stones. This will allow you to quickly complete the rescue missions and complete the construction of buildings. Raising the level, the player opens up new opportunities, buildings, objects and improvements.

Secrets of passing the game, free resources

Beautiful graphics, a book of dozens of animal species and many buildings. Build a base, collecting a team of rescuers, perform tasks and monitor the economic component. Customize the work of the center, providing it with resources, water and crystals. The world of the Amazon keeps many dangers with which the player must meet in the process of passing

Find rare species of animals, use the hack Jungle Guardians for Android and get money to buy. Save rare and endangered species, look after them and place them in your center. Protect the territory from poachers, plant new trees. Speeding up each process is possible with the help of crystals that are accessible to the player using cheat codes.

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