Jungle Heat Codes Cheats

Jungle Heat Cheats

Today we are going to present to you the codes to hack the game Jungle Heat, which basically makes you able to get all the resources (diamonds, gold and oil) to speed up your game and improve your overall gaming experience, giving you all the game resources such as diamonds , gold and oil for free. All you need to do is to use the correct instructions and enter cheat codes in the game.

This hacking games Jungle Heat works like on Android and on iOS devices. Get diamonds and gold will be as easy as buy them for real money, without downloading additional applications and mods. If you have gold and diamonds in the game Jungle Heat you can buy all the other resources.

You can watch replays of fights. To assess the effectiveness of your defense, and to strengthen weaknesses in your database.

Cheats for hacking the game Jungle Heat on Android and iOS:

code crystals (diamonds, diamonds) to add 50,000 gems enter the code – JHAD50KCRYS

cheat gold to increase reserves to enter the code 100 000 – JHAD100KGOL

cheat oil to increase to 100,000 enter the code – JHAD100KOIL

About Jungle Heat:

Jungle Heat – mobile game about fierce battles, military bases and wild jungle. Tropical jungle overflowing with oil and gold, are under severe oppression of general Blade. Your mission is to pick up the natural wealth of bloodthirsty marauders for yourself. Treasures of the Jungle will be safe and secure in your warehouse. So go ahead, to strengthen your walls, train your troops and go into the battle.

In the Jungle Heat you can develop their military base into an impregnable fortress, fight against other players and grab the treasures!

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Jungle Heat” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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