Jurassic Survival free Coins, Unlimited Resources for Android, secret codes

Jurassic Survival hack

Get money to buy for free, use hack Jurassic Survival for Android. Get coins with cheat codes and buy paid items in inventory. This greatly increases your chances of survival. Explore the terrain quickly recovering energy. Travel in search of new weapons to protect yourself. Careful selection of inventory can save lives. Follow the instructions and get the gold coins on the account.

Real survival in the Jurassic period, at your disposal is a jacket, a knife and a piece of rope. Quickly go to the extraction of resources, collect bamboo, stone and kill animals. Download Jurassic Survival mod to get unlimited resources unnecessary. You can get money in the game for free and without getting root rights. This is the only chance to hold out in a rivalry with donators.

Jurassic Survival cheat codes:

  • Coins allow you to buy paid items, first-aid kits and give an advantage. To get 3,420 coins, enter – UAAh_kh96rA
  • Disable ads – JzSm_Z0KRwe

The survival action begins as soon as you wake up in a new place. The blessing at you there was a knife, it will allow to collect resources and to create remaining stock. Kirks, spears and other primitive, but effective items for hunting and resource extraction. Every man for himself, watch for the indicator of enemies on the navigator and avoid dangerous for life fights.

Review of Jurassic Survival, coins and passage

Small reptiles and herbivorous animals will serve as excellent food. Build a small prop to prepare food. Download the game from Google Play, this is an excellent action game among dinosaurs and other players. A high level of competition requires quick action. Get bamboo and build a small house, protect it with a fence to protect yourself from dangerous predators.

Free MMORPG survival game where you kill, or die. Survival time in the game can be seen at the top right. Use all available tools and conduct research. Create new items and items from the extracted resources. An important part of obtaining resources can be another player. Killing an opponent you will get all the contents of his inventory. You can team up with your friends in a clan and jointly attack a stronger and more developed player.

Each item has its own level, use drawings and develop technology. You need to be a cold-blooded, calculating killer to survive in such dangerous conditions. Download hacked Jurassic Survival and get immortality and a full set of items, this is a hoax. Quick bans are waiting for those who violate the rules of the game. Using the codes for buying a player gets a significant advantage in buying the right items and increases the chances of survival.


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