Kill Shot Codesing

Kill Shot Codesing

Kill Shot hacking cheats for gold and lots of money+ 10 000 dollars in the game.

Kill Shot hacking cheats for gold and lots of money+ 10 000 dollars in the game.

Interesting first-person shooter in which you will find 160 missions and 12 islands on which you should  destroy  enemies.

Targets begin to move ,distance  to them increases so we constantly need to improve your weapons or buy new, and it will take a lot of money.

The game  works on Android platforms as well as on iOS. To hack the game, you will need to set the game  and codes presented in the article, you will be able to take advantage of player who spend on game  real money.

The aim of the game is cleaning the most difficult areas and dangerous for the infantry characters, such as a machine gunner and sniper tankers. But as the game will be a professional sniper hired to remove corrupt officials and politicians.

The machine guns, submachine guns, rifles and shotguns, these weapons that are available in the game. during the game, you will be able to have at its arsenal exceed 10 weapons that can be used at any time. With that draws in the game, it’s tracing bullet after the shot, the game shows how and where you shot.

Cheats in the game Kill Shot:

Open all kinds of weapons to buy – all4guns5open

Code for money (dollars) in the game you will add 10,000 – add10Kdollar0

code of gold bullion add +1000 – add1kgold0000

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Kill Shot” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations


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