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King's Land hack

Build your own kingdom, make the strongest in the neighborhood using King’s Land hack. Codes for gold and other resources for Android & iOS. Get the advantage and build an impregnable kingdom, defend your native territories and fight for resources. Colorful strategy is available for free download to mobile devices. Follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free, expand your possessions and participate in online battles.

Colorful strategy for mobile devices, beautiful graphics and exciting battles. Travel, meeting with the enemy face to face. Use your strategic skills to win and take resources. Expand your own kingdom, increasing the number of inhabitants. It is important to monitor the indicators of happiness of all residents, the general condition of the city depends on this. To ensure that the indicator has always been 100%, you need to constantly expand, give work and have the resources in abundance.

King’s Land Codes:

  • Gold is a premium currency game, with it you can replenish the rest of the resources (food, stone, metal). Get + 37 500 gold for free on account, code – MiO * Csmuz
  • Disable advertising in the game – REy * xkIED

The game allows each player to create their own castle and build an army. Meet with enemies, fight for resources. King’s Land is available for free downloading on Google Play and the Apple Store. Game purchases can be turned off, the codes give a chance to create the largest kingdom and to bypass friends on the speed of development. Become the main in the district and unite for support.

Free gold, features of King’s Land

The game takes place in the Middle Ages, where every king possessed vast territories and his own army. Build your own city on a small site and expand your domain. Build buildings and create troops, become the ruler of the region. You do not need to download King’s Land mod to get a lot of money. Secret codes work only in the official version of the game with the Internet connected.

Collect resources and expand the possessions, travel as in a role-playing game, meeting with enemies choose actions. Fight, or get away from the fight, every fight requires a special approach from the player. Build a city and strengthen protection, the invasion of other kings can take you by surprise. Be ready to repel attacks, thousands of players will surround you. Choose allies, or team up with friends to support each other.

A great king can be a player who has a lot of money on the account. Gold King’s Land with the help of hacking is available to everyone, defeat the enemies and get valuable rewards. Build a city, increase the number of inhabitants and move from a small castle to a large empire. Gold allows you to accelerate many processes and get even more fun from the game.

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