Kings of Soccer free Cash, Unlock Characters & Card for Android, secret codes

Kings of Soccer hack

Collect the champion team and raise it in the ranking. Kings of Soccer hack for money will get resources for Android, iOS using cheat codes. Free to enjoy the game, opening the cards of the legendary players and win in the football leagues. Participate in online battles with other players and challenge friends. Unblock cards, get money and chips for free, following simple tips in the instructions.

Create a team champion, collect stars and unite them on the field. To win you will need their skills, as well as tactics. Use defenders and attackers for direct purposes and block opponent’s moves. Kings of Soccer is a free game, but it has game purchases, for real money you can get virtual currency and unlock stars cards. Win rivals and get valuable rewards.

Kings of Soccer cheat codes:

  • 3,900 money – 0j5_xrks4
  • 25,600 chips – KDf_6yfGF


Colorful sports game, there are two teams of 5 people on each side. Turn-based matches are very dynamic. Each player has unique characteristics and abilities. They will help to inflict a stronger blow, with greater accuracy and increase the chances of winning. Football players in the team can buy and train between matches.

Free money, unlock cards

Controls in the game are very simple, click on the right football player, choose strength and direction and kick the ball. The winner is the player who scores more. Stars in the team give an advantage and allow you to unlock new abilities. Download Kings of Soccer mod or a hacked version will not have to those who know how to handle the bonus codes.

Begin the game will have the lowest leagues, rising in the ranking. This game has ample opportunities, here you will try yourself in the role of manager and manage players during the battle. Rise in the table, occupy places in the big leagues and get valuable rewards. Everyone has a chance to become the king of football in this sport game. Set up a team, block attacks and intercept strikes and score the ball into the opponent’s net.

Kings of Soccer will help break the rival. They will quickly get the stars into the team and update their statistics. The stars will raise your level and allow you to improve performance. But apart from that, you need to train your mast skills to fully utilize the potential of the stars. Watch for the indicator of the physical health of players, replace them and try different combinations.

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