KingsRoad Codes Cheats

KingsRoad Cheats

KingsRoad cheats allow you to obtain and use the gems and gold for free. Using code, you can buy items to add skill points and skills, be able to use an unlimited amount of food and beverages to quickly regenerate. Hacking KingsRoad allows to increase the chance for gold and critical hits. Having left KingsRoad cheat codes you can play in the “Champion” and find rare artifacts that are available to players of level 50 and above.

The list of cheat codes for cracking KingsRoad:

Chit KingsRoad gems to replenish your account 250 000 (1 code to enter once a day, pretends as purchase) – ER250_Sko0

Cheat on one million gold in the game – GL1ML_Drv9

Raise – FT001_Lvl1

Get double the experience of carrying out of fight, which increases the speed of your pumping – CV004_Dfu9

Cheat on long-range attack knight (mages and archers have it already). After entering this code, your knight will be able to attack long-range strike, which gives you a definite advantage. To enable, enter the code – SP013_Sdy3

Fast attack (cheat code for speed) – one of the most popular bugs, enables the use of fast attack every 1 – 1.5 seconds, making it faster than you 4 – 5 times – DF459_Wec1

Automatically collect drops from mobs – DR024_Rvo4. Excellent code if you have lots of inventory slots.

Using cheats KingsRoad, you can be sure about your account, because you will enter the codes that have been found in the game. To use these codes you do not need to download additional programs or mods – codes are entered directly into the game using a simple programming tricks.

So you can get gems KingsRoad and attack speed for free and without risk, which will reach a new level of play. Main stocks do not show gems and gold to other players, because they can complain and then the administrators will be able to block you. Hack KingsRoad so simple that you will understand in a few minutes, the main thing is to follow the instructions and not enter codes too often.

KingsRoad – is a free online RPG on Facebook and VK, which allows you to travel the world Alderstone. Your task is to save the world from villains Alderstone that plagues the land. Hack will allow you to get free and unlimited gems (diamonds), and gold and get a rare artifact.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “KingsRoad” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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