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Knights Chronicle hack

Knights Chronicle, this is a new role-playing game from the developer Netmarble. The game is created in the style of console games with the participation of anime heroes. The game has hundreds of characters to choose from, with their help you can save humanity from death. To fulfill an important mission you will have to fight a lot and constantly develop your team. Hacked Knights Chronicle on the crystals gives the freedom of purchase and gives players an advantage. Let’s get acquainted with the game.

Description of the game

Mobile RPG game with the participation of 100 characters allows each gamer to go a unique way. Each hero has unique abilities that give tactical advantage and additional opportunities. You can download Knights Chronicle for Android for free, but it’s difficult to play without purchases. At the beginning of the game you will be able to participate in the lottery, which can bring up to 400 crystals. But luck is not for everyone, so rivalry becomes unequal.

A thrilling adventure to save the world begins with a little history. Move through time and space to correct mistakes of humanity. Each player will experience a unique exp, this will depend on the choice of heroes and skills. Each choice affects the tactics of battle. Graphics and controls resemble console games, as far as content is concerned, there are a lot of it in the game.


Knights Chronicle cheat

To win you need a rival you need to work out a strategy. Each battle is unique, downloading Knights Chronicle mod, makes it possible each time to carry out improvements. Use coins and crystals to raise the level of heroes, and also unlock new talents. Each hero has skills, you can use them in any order during the battle.

Build a detachment of heroes with unique skills can only be in the presence of crystals. Knights Chronicle a lot of money is spent on raising the level of heroes. Battles are dynamic, with the help of touch control you can effectively manage the team. Enjoy the battles, changing the look of the camera. The graphics of the game will allow you to immerse yourself in what is happening and enjoy online fighting.


Knights Chronicle mod

In our time, the Asian market is a big part, so anime has millions of fans. The graphics of the game will allow you to manage a variety of anime characters and enjoy stunning effects. Cheats Knights Chronicle for money will unlock rare skills and enjoy three-dimensional animation. Beautiful voice acting and the ability to adjust the vertical graphics will allow you to play anywhere.

For online battles and using of codes, you will need an internet connection. The famous actors voiced the game, so this will complement the experience. Thanks to good graphics, you can immerse yourself in your favorite story and enjoy events. The game has several modes and hundreds of items in the game store. Follow the instructions and use the tricks to get a lot of money into the account. Unlock characters and skills for free.

Knights Chronicle hack

  • Starter pack: Dark Knights – 4JA3IH9H
  • Starter pack: white knights – HI6ND8D6
  • Expert Achievement Package – N6L2KCKW
  • 1200 crystals – 2ZB4L723
  • Hero’s talent pack – PZ6K4XTJ
  • Veteran Achievement Package – QYVUP1OB
  • Total growth package – 6IH2STDW

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