Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale free Cash, secret codes, not mod

Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale hack

Survive at all costs, use hack Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale to get money and unlock weapons. Bonus codes for Android, iOS on endless resources. Share your secrets with friends and team up. Get the advantage of landing on the island and do not leave anyone else a chance. Follow the tips in the instructions to get money without root or jailbreak rights.

Choose a single mode to play all against everyone on an extensive map. The game begins after the jump from the airplane. Control the landing to be in a favorable position compared to other players. Battles take place online, use Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale cheats, or download the Knives Out-6x6km mod Battle Royale is impossible with such a good defense of the game. Only one will survive, and having the resources and skills of the game you increase your chances.

Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale cheat codes:

  • 100,000 money for free – Nhp + rNXQ9wQ
  • Disable advertising – tL1 + s2gaVQm


The adventure game allows you to be in a harsh environment for survival. A hundred players on one map, the size of the plot is limited and represent a square of 6.4 square kilometers. The game has several modes, you can play with your friends, gather a team, or single-handedly challenge. Everyone starts in the same conditions, unarmed and without resources.

Get down as close as possible to buildings and warehouses in search of weapons and equipment. Run on the search for items and weapons, each time weapons have different locations. Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale is free, but with money, you can restore health, get more powerful weapons. To get out alive you need to resort to the most cunning and insidious methods.

Money and weapons in the game for free

It is very important to have survival skills, there are many similar games. Combines their interesting gameplay and the ability to fight hundreds of players at the same time. Each time the number of actions for choosing a strategy is enormous. The situation changes with every minute, watch the game indicators develop your own survival tactics. Controls are simple enough for convenient, choose directions with one finger, others perform actions in the form of shots, squats and other functions.

During the struggle you can communicate, but remember that the map is populated by hundreds of players from all over the world. Hack Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale will give you resources and money to buy weapons. This will raise your level and skills in order to fight more effectively in combat. Take an advantageous position and constantly move around searching for items. Each found thing raises the chances, kill rivals to take away all its resources.

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