Last Fire Survival: Battleground free Cash, secret cheat codes

Last Fire Survival: Battleground hack

Participate in online battles, use the hack Last Fire Survival: Battleground and get first-aid kits, money and rare items. These secrets will give immortality, or endless cartridges, and allow the use of more powerful weapons. Follow the instructions and increase the chances of winning, fight online and become the last survivor on the island. The game is available for free downloading for Android & iOS.

Battles in real time, big cards and dozens of players. 60 players are on one card, it has key points and random weapons placement sites. Disembarkation of players takes place simultaneously, the survivor wins. Downloading mod Last Fire Survival: Battleground to get immortality is not needed, if you know how to use secret codes. Do not leave any chances to the enemy, but do not show invulnerability. Blocking an account is possible only if your nickname receives complaints from other players.

Free Last Fire Survival: Battleground cheat codes:

  • Highlight objects on the map – xpWwyU9c_38
  • Display weapon placement points – rRDqmmeV_84
  • Infinite lives, code for immortality – wGyJB4Vz_57
  • Infinite ammo for all weapons – Ku3LLh3v_75
  • Disable ads – aFmEsRhu_16

This is a free game, it has realistic graphics, items and ample opportunities for strategy. Battle with the weapons found, the arsenal has up to hundreds of items. Pistols, submachine guns, machine guns and even grenades. The map is navigated using the touch buttons. Killing the enemy you will get all of his findings.

Strategy for the game, free resources

Last Fire Survival: Battleground, this is a global shooter, here you can show your fighting skills. The view of the camera from the top allows you to view large areas and find objects.

Cheats allow you to highlight rare things and thereby increase your chances. This can become the main source of resources. Destroy rivals to get their items.

The victory will take the last survivor to limit the round in time, the card will decrease. The game has several locations, having studied which you will have an advantage over newbies.

Winning the round will bring additional experience and valuable rewards. Although there are many such games, it is as close as possible to realistic battles.

3D shooter has good graphics, while optimizing makes it convenient to play not on the most powerful phones. Choose your favorite weapons, Kar98k, M4, SCAR-L, frying pans and other popular cannons.

Everyone starts under the same conditions, hacked Last Fire Survival: Battleground gives a chance to become # 1. In addition to weapons, use cars, helicopters and other items found on the field.

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