League of Pirate free Gems & Gold for Android, secret codes, not mod

League of Pirates hack android

Open treasure chests, use the League of Pirates hack and get a lot of money. Gems, gold coins are available to each player for Android. To get money, the player does not need to download the mod, or get root rights. Unblock ships, increase their characteristics and buy new weapons. Create a powerful ship for battles online. Use secrets to become the best player in combat.

Equip the ship with the necessary weapons and equipment and engage in battle. 5 players on one card, time is limited and everyone tries to inflict the maximum amount. The League of Pirates cheats will help you get money and raise the characteristics, but the victory will be given to the more agile captain. Skillfully maneuvering around the battlefield, avoiding the clash center, but at the same time attacking each player. This is from the tactics, which makes it possible to become the best captain as a result of the battle.

League of Pirates codes for free:

  • 8,750 gems – Xxju_vNLM
  • 45 000 gold coins – oUK7_vC9e
  • Disable ads – YO6k_hkgn

Gameplay and game descriptions

Colorful action game for mobile devices, everyone can download and enjoy endless battles. Of course, for multi-user mode, you need an Internet connection. Therefore, advertising in the game can not be avoided if you do not know how to use secret codes. The game has a nice graphics and funny characters, ready to enter the battle instantly.

The presence of gold and crystals in the game gives the player an advantage. Despite the fact that the League of Pirates is free, game purchases significantly speed up the process. Unlock the chests to help pay gems. Their use allows you to shorten the waiting time and quickly create a strong ship. With the increase in the level, the player opens up new models of ships, weapons and the ability to increase their characteristics.

Secrets of passage, tactics for battle

In battle, 5 players of similar power and level take part. A powerful ship will automatically lead to stronger rivals. It is important to have tactics to earn the maximum number of points. Players do not avoid hassles, each trying to inflict maximum damage. You can try to be in the center and skillfully maneuvering away from attacks. The victory will be given to the most experienced.

A fast ship allows you to escape most attacks. Downloading mod League of Pirates and become the best player will not work. Victory goes to the most agile. Find the most inexperienced and inflict maximum damage, this can be a successful tactic. Practice making accurate shots and avoiding attacks at the same time, this will make you a better player and receive valuable rewards.

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