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Let's Dish

Let’s Dish, this is a novelty in the world 3 in a row from the team of Big Fish Games, the creators of Dungeon Boss and other popular games. Here you will develop your culinary skills, creating a team of chefs who will prepare new dishes. Become a chef and take part in delicious masts with other players. A lot of colorful characters and sweet levels. Increase your level, use Let’s Dish hack to get a lot of money in the game and unlock additional items.

Game Review

Download Let’s Dish for Android, if you like games 3 in a row. Here you can gather a team of professional chefs to create new recipes. Do tasks, earn experience and raise your level to unlock new dishes. Improve your skills, use gems to unlock new restaurants, dishes and get extra moves.

Each kitchen requires a team of chefs, collect a friendly team and participate in matches. Each dish has several levels of development, you need to develop your skills to cook more complex dishes. Characters will help create dishes, win, pass blasting levels and enjoy challenging tasks. Collect the maximum number of points to win at the level.

Let's Dish mod


Free three in a row has a very important feature, here you can cook together with other cooks. Connect to the network and play with your friends, accomplishing tasks and achieving goals. Let’s Dish mod has daily activities and valuable rewards that you can get for completing assignments. Earn valuable prizes, team up with colleagues from different shops to create a unique dish.

Move the ingredients around the field, collecting the maximum combinations. Collect as many cells as possible in one and get boosters. Knives will help destroy the next elements and continue to prepare meals. Each time you will receive new assignments and motivation in the form of new achievements. Having the same ingredients, you can cook a more valuable dish if you have a high level in the game. Let’s Dish cheats for money give free shopping and allow you to play for free and constantly use boosters and additional moves.

Let's Dish hack


The game has a beautiful graphics, a wide variety of bright snacks and people. Fun characters, an excellent company for passing difficult levels. Prepare a beautiful meal and make a lot of money Let’s Dish. Increase your level by opening up new chefs. Cheerful and bright game has a bright picture, nice voice acting and hundreds of interesting levels. Having experience in games 3 in a row, it will be easier for you to perform complex tasks.

Every restaurant in the game, this is a separate menu. Increase your level in cooking different dishes and get trophies and precious stones. To collect all the dishes and unlock the cookbook, you have to download the mod, use the hacked version, or use the codes for free purchases.

Let's Dish cheat

Cheat codes for gems and coins will give an advantage when passing and will save a lot of time. Boost your level, use boosters and clues to quickly pass the level.

Let’s Dish Hack

  • 3,850 gems for free, code – O7 # jp174bJ
  • 87 000 coins for free – VC # PTb70CY
  • Disable advertising in the game – GN # GDpkEtJ

Follow the instructions and get an advantage, share your achievements in social networks and tell your friends.

Information about entering the code in the game “Let’s Dish” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations


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