Mad Skills BMX 2 free Gold, Cash for Android, secret & tips

hack Mad Skills BMX 2 for android

Free Mad Skills BMX 2 for Android, iOS. Get gold, money and missiles for free without downloading a hack Mad Skills BMX 2, and without getting root or jailbreak rights. Enjoy races with other players on different routes and win bosses to unlock new game items. Follow the steps in the instructions and get a lot of money into the account, this will give a great advantage in the game.

Each bike has unique characteristics and indicators. By increasing them you will be able to develop more speed, jump higher and increase performance. The first version of the game was downloaded by tens of millions of players, so the excitement of the second game is already at its peak. Be among the first and take the lead. If you have experience managing from the first game, this will give a great advantage when passing.

Mad Skills BMX 2 cheat codes for free for Android & iOS:

  • The player receives money for each victory, they can be used to buy boosters, or improve the bike. Get 60 000 money for free – X8CiQFvkZ
  • Premium currency of the game, gold. Unlock tales, use boosters and accelerate to get 5 600 gold, enter the code – H865iTJtF

Bright graphics, cool BMX and ample opportunities to realize their potential. Drive with other players, go through complex areas faster and use the map to accelerate. This is an excellent action game of a sports character, here everyone can have fun. The race takes a couple of minutes, but the dynamics go off scale, the outcome of the race depends entirely on your actions.

How to play, unlock all the stories

Millions of players around the world, challenge them. Before the race, learn the characteristics of an opponent’s bike, and choose a strategy. The player can use boosters to accelerate at a difficult moment, or to reverse the course of the race.

The game has a very high-quality graphics, and simple gameplay. To unlock bikes, you do not need to download mod Mad Skills BMX 2, or enter personal data.

Two buttons, you and your opponent and one card. Become a professional athlete and use unevenness as an advantage. Be calm, precise actions, landing and acceleration require a cold mind.

There are 7 bikes available for selection. Unlock everything using gold and create a unique image.

All this requires money, so hack Mad Skills BMX 2 with the help of codes will be useful to everyone. Upgrade the bike, increase its characteristics and choose a favorite for complex races with professional riders.

The higher the level, the more difficult the rivals will meet. First train your skills, then increase the level. Compete with friends and other players and get valuable rewards.

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