Magic Siege free Coins, Secret cheat codes, not mod, Android

Magic Siege - Defender hack

Get a free coin chest, use the Magic Siege – Defender hack to quickly raise the level. Codes work on Android, iOS without downloading mod and entering personal data. This guarantees you security and will allow you to destroy more enemies. Collect coins, learn new spells faster. Follow the instructions and get the advantage, you do not need root or jailbreak right.

Defend your castle by learning new spells and combining them. Fight with the crowds of zombies, using the entire arsenal of weapons. If you fail to pass the level, you can improve the characteristics of the weapon, or change the tactics. Free Magic Siege – Defender can play everyone without gaming purchases. The presence of coins will remove a lot of restrictions and will allow you to get even more pleasure from the game.

Magic Siege – Defender cheat codes:

  • Gold coins are the main currency of the game, they allow you to buy potions, increase the level and power of spells. To get 400 000 coins, for free, use the code – iWe_VB4Az9
  • Disable ads – en9_AXLb61


A strategic game with simple at first glance the gameplay. You are a magician who stands guard over his own castle. He is constantly being attacked by a zombie and a big boss. To keep it intact, you have to fight back from enemies using all your skills. But the enemy is not slumbering and the waves of zombies are constantly increasing. Your power is not enough, new knowledge is needed.

For each killed zombie player receives coins, bosses bring more money. But updating skills requires a lot of money, so many are trying to download Magic Siege – Defender mod to enjoy a free game. Having checked several sites, I can say with confidence that there are no such files on the Internet. Have to play with limitations, or learn this method.

How to get coins for free?

To deal heavy strikes against the enemy and conduct attacks, you need to combine skills and create new spells. That gold, which the game rewards the player does not allow you to buy a large arsenal of weapons. Resources are lacking every time more and more, expectations and minor updates require the player more thought process and the development of accurate tactics.

Therefore, restrictions can even be useful. But if you intend to download the hacked Magic Siege – Defender, then you can use the secret codes and increase your power without risks. Become more powerful, raise the level, unlock weapons and spells and defeat the most difficult bosses.

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