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Major Mayhem 2 hack

Continuation of the rail shooter, the game Major Mayhem 2 is available for free download. This is the second game in the series, it was released recently, the previous version gathered tens of millions of users for the dynamic and fun gameplay. Great jokes, a shooting range, interesting tasks and a variety of locations. Hack Major Mayhem 2 was not long in coming, Asian websites already had codes that will help you get coins for free.

In this article we will consider in detail how to get a lot of money, and where to enter the codes in the game. As in the previous part, you have to fight with The Evil Villains Corporation. Hundreds of villains, technology will have to be destroyed in order to complete the entertaining story. Money Major Mayhem 2 is needed for anyone who wants to unlock weapons and upgrade it to battle with big bosses. To use secrets, follow all the rules in the instruction and get unlimited coins.

Major Mayhem 2 hack:

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Fans of the game will appreciate the codes, they give freedom of purchase and will quickly complete 150 missions. The developer created a lot of improvements that made the adventure even more fun and exciting. Unblock weapons and challenge hundreds of opponents. To master the gameplay will be easy even for new players, the touch buttons allow you to shoot, aim, use additional weapons and hide in shelter. The game resembles a 3D shooting range, where the opponents are on a different line.

Features of the game Major Mayhem 2:

  • Improved graphics, a brighter picture.
  • 150 new levels for fans of the genre.
  • Destroy 5 bosses to complete the adventure.
  • Unlock dozens of weapons and modernize them.
  • Endless coins, working cheat codes in the game.
  • Dynamic gameplay and easy control.
  • Valuable rewards for achievements.

The most important changes that occurred in the game are the quality of graphics, new weapons and tasks. It has become brighter, and the animation has become more fluid and detailed. Certainly the game has become much better, it can be seen from the first reviews. You can experience this exciting experience to get a lot of money in the game is not necessary to download Major Mayhem 2 mod, or enter personal data. Follow the tips in the instructions and enjoy unlimited coins.

This is one of the best rail shooters, which can be downloaded for free for Android, iOS. Interesting pastime during all 150 levels, between which you are expected to meet with the big bosses. To defeat the enemy requires a powerful weapon, accuracy and speed of reaction. Use boosters to inflict maximum damage to the enemy.

Use Major Mayhem 2 cheats to unlock the paid weapon. This will increase your chances, and the levels will go a little easier. Render in the burning points, hundreds of enemies will not let you relax for a second. Love for shooting and skills will allow you to pass this test. Follow the steps in the instructions to unlock weapons and get unlimited coins.

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