MARVEL Battle Lines for Android

MARVEL Battle Lines

Hundreds of heroes of Maarvel again unite in the game MARVEL Battle Lines from the company Nexon. Here you can see both the heroes and villains of the popular series and use them in card battles. The worked out single mode and multiplayer battles will be available on Android, iOS for free download. Of course, to unlock all the characters you will need to spend money on purchases in the game, or use the hack MARVEL Battle Lines. If you want to be among the leaders after the release of the game, then add our site to the bookmarks, the presented codes will be useful after the official release.

About the game

The popularity of heroes automatically makes all games with their participation popular among fans of mobile gaming. MARVEL Battle Lines on Android will be available maps of the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Widow, Electra, Grotto and many others. Hundreds of heroes allow each player to create a unique team. With it you can go through a single player mode, follow a story and a specially written story, or take part in online battles. The popularity of such games brings the PvP mode and the opportunity to fight with friends.

MARVEL Battle Lines hack

The universe of MARVEL has millions of fans in the world of mobile games. Users around the world are waiting for the release of new items, but most games are very hard donat. Unlock legendary heroes without spending real money enough difficult. Valuable and rare cards come across in paid sets, or are available for purchase for real money. And the game allows you to create truly unique teams and use the skills of famous characters.


This is a card game in which you will collect your own deck. Each card has its own level and unique skills. You can use them during the battle to defeat the enemy, you need to deal him the maximum damage. The game is attractive not only by a large number of legendary heroes, but also the ability to hone skills and develop their abilities. MARVEL Battle Lines mod a lot of money will create a strong team of superheroes, or supervillains.

Go through the single player mode to get training and plunge into the story. You will be able to use your experience and skills in PvP mode and increase your position in the global ranking. The plot of the game is very attractive and will give dozens of hours of interesting gaming. To compete in battles, you need to constantly develop, use precious stones to improve and speed up the processes.

Graphics and sounds

Only the best technology I use by Nexon to create games with famous characters. After downloading MARVEL Battle Lines for free, you can immerse yourself in the world of comics. Colorful elements, unique characters have high detail and colorful animation during the battles. The story line will acquaint you with the story in which you will be able to become the main heroes and unite the bright characters into the team. Sounds will help immerse yourself in the world of superheroes and villains and become part of the universe.

MARVEL Battle Lines cheat

Each battle will bring you experience and additional resources. The goal of the game, to collect the strongest cards and create the strongest deck. Victory over the enemy will bring money, but only significant achievements will make it possible to get a premium currency. You can collect the best deck from rare heroes for real money, or using the hacked MARVEL Battle Lines. This is a new experience for fans of this genre, which returns in the days of collecting cards of your favorite characters.

MARVEL Battle Lines hack:

  • 165,000 coins – DfB_fS6CL8
  • 12 500 gems – Qzv_Fgeicg

Every player on Android, iOS will be able to use these codes after the official release of the game. They will help you unlock the legendary heroes and gain access to rare items. Add our site to the bookmarks and the first to use the opportunity to raise your level with cheat codes.

Collect your favorite heroes, gems will quickly increase your level in the game and update the skills of characters. To unlock hundreds of heroes, you will need a lot of money MARVEL Battle Lines.

Use the codes simply, follow the tips and use the instructions to your Android device, iOS. Collect the deck and share your achievements with your friends on social networks.

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