Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats & Codes

Contest of champions marvel hack androidCheat codes on crystall, heroes, energy (Marvel Contest of Champions) Android and iOS

Marvel Contest of Champions can boasts with it’s graphics component, as well as a good animation and a wide variety of characters. You won’t play for one character , you will play for a few of them in a row . We ourselves have to create a team of superheroes, besides , it shouldn’t necessarily be positive characters, but the villains as well.

Marvel: Contest of champions – Assemble a mighty team of superheroes and villains from the Marvel Comics universe. Fight with the strong opponents in battles. Travel through different worlds of the universe in this game for Android and IOS. In each of them expect a battle with one of the famous comic book characters. You can recruit different superheroes in your team, such as Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Star Lord, etc. You can change the members of your team throughout the game. Each character will develop ,learn new fighting techniques and superpowers.

These cheats will help you to get characters, more energy and crystals.

cheat for experience of your hero, the growth rate of the experience depends on the current level – Exp7675uP;
• cheats receiving 1000 gold – Gol1thoU;
• Hacking on the crystal character – Crys23thO;
• code super strikes (always trigger a special punch) – Blow999uP;
• Immortality for one battle in the Marvel league – Imm1fight;
• improve one character to the second – Secon8456;
• mutagen of third category – Elow0Cat4;
• this cheat gives you battle crystal (just a quick match) – Figh82cr0;
•Peter Parker purse – pPP09urse;
• Tribute Chest – TribChe007;
• immediate treatment of the hero – 20Herotr5;
• cheats for crystal of arena (Punisher with 4 stars) – Are56321C;
• get the enhanced character’s crystal with this hack (the hero with 2-4 stars in a battle of Champions) – bUOGByjNdN;
Cheats for heroes,missions,attack:
• open all the characters (the user will be available to the entire set of characters) – O76Ger980;
• increased attacks – At1000stR;
• strengthening critical – CrTik03Ef;
• unlock all the achievements – All999Arc;
Open plot tasks:
• submission – Sub854Mis;
• prise-P4r2iz3e0;
• chase – 7ChaSe36E;
• a sudden attack – nPbZiiin3l;
• pathes – ATack3int;
• opening – oPen210ng.

instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Marvel Contest of Champions” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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