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Get gold, power cores, restore energy using the MARVEL STRIKE FORCE hack for Android & iOS. Cheat codes for money without downloading mod files and getting special rights to the device root, jaibreak. Unlock the heroes, equip them with powerful weapons and combo attacks. Destroy the super-villains in battles 5 to 5 and get valuable rewards and resources. Each fight will take away your energy in order to recover follow the instructions and tips for passing the game.

Another attack on the land can lead to disaster. Therefore, all the superheroes and villains from the company Marvel have teamed up for joint battles. Create your own unit for the game in the company mode, and also battles in the arena. MARVEL STRIKE FORCE is free, but we all know the appetite of the company from Marvel: Contest of Champions. While pre-registration takes place and everyone can receive 50 000 gold, but as much and even more can be obtained using the bonus codes for free purchases.

MARVEL STRIKE FORCE cheat codes for Android & iOS:

  • Gold, this is a common currency that allows you to buy equipment, open orbs and carry out improvements. To get 50 000, use the code – T52T-RX5E
  • Power cores represent a premium currency, they will unlock access to the premium set and accelerate the growth of your level. To get 2 500 power cores, use the cheat – NRPF-ICEN
  • Restore energy and continue the battle – L9E2-PI3N

Review and geypley

From the company Marvel do not expect bad graphics, even at the first start of the game is struck by the detail and quality of graphics. Animation and drawing characters as well at the highest level. This mobile RPG game has collected dozens of famous and beloved heroes. Each player can build a team of five heroes and take part in four different companies, access to which opens after reaching a certain level. Unlock all modes can also using power cores to get a lot of money the player does not need to download mod Marvel: Contest of Champions, or enter personal data. This guarantees safety when passing.

Collect a detachment of your favorite heroes and buy equipment. Each fighter has 6 slots in which you can place different equipment. During the battle, you can choose attacks and create powerful combos. Favorite Spiderman, Groot, Loki, Electra, Iron Man, Captain America, Star-Lord, Gamora, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and other well-known and not so heroes are available for purchase. Each has unique attacks and attacks that can be developed and increased. In addition to combo strikes, a player can experiment with a combination of different characters in the same team. Develop your own tactics for the fight and get more wins.

Free money, secrets of passing

This is one of the most impressive games, there is no doubt in the success. Therefore, rivalry in the arena will be fierce. It is very important to be the first player to exit the game. Use the codes and collect the strongest squad to complete the company and perform daily tasks. You can restore energy with the power of cheat code, or using premium currency. To become stronger, you need to raise the level and open access to new updates. Controls in the game are simple, selecting the command the player has to make attacks, combine attacks using indicators at the bottom of the screen.

Popular characters get even closer to you, unite the characters and meet old enemies and new characters from the films. Hacked MARVEL STRIKE FORCE will remove the restrictions and get more fun from the game. Get bonuses and resources that allow you to create a powerful team of heroes and unlock the stars. Codes can be used several times, but do not do this every day. Play at the level of donators, fight with the strongest and share secrets with friends.

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