Mascot Dunks cheat codes for Android and iOS, unlimited Stars and Cash for free, secrets of passing

Mascot Dunks hack

Very funny and extreme simulator Mascot Dunks invites you to experience the taste of victory in basketball. It may seem that the game is quite monotonous, if so, then you just do not know all of its nuances. The main thing is to choose a cool costume and make a magical leap. And your goal is to hit the ball into the ring. At first glance, it’s pretty simple.

But sometimes it can be difficult to control the game. You have to accurately calculate the trajectory, aim and hit right on target. In this case you need to make a cool jump. Later, it will assess the jury, and you get a certain number of points for your skills. You can use the hack Mascot Dunks to get a lot of money. But we are not sure that all of the sites offer you the safest form of hacking.

Mascot Dunks hack

If your every move will be wrong, you can suffer and even die during a jump. If this happens you will need to fill up a virtual currency. Buy it in the game store is very expensive, and earn by their own labor is very long. But we offer you the most suitable and easy way. Cheat codes Mascot Dunks will give you an opportunity to get a lot of resources for free and fast.

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  • Add 35 000 Cash – C#_DW*Wdyh9d
  • Double Stars – S#_KS*Seiy3k

The main feature of the game are the costumes. The gameplay would not be as fun and interesting if not comic masks of animals, zombies, superheroes and other creatures. Through this article you will be able to unlock and try absolutely any mask. After the official release of the game to quickly enter the secret code and develop the abilities of your hero.

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