Medieval Smackdown free Coins & Keys for Android, secret codes & tips

Medieval Smackdown hack android

Get coins and keys, create a character and send to the arena. Hack Medieval Smackdown for money, without mod downloading – cheat codes on Android, iOS. The method works without obtaining special device rights, root or jailbreak. Challenge friends, drop them on the floor using management skills and additional boosters. Using the instruction, the player will receive resources and will be able to quickly raise the level of the character and unlock the characters.

Enjoy dynamic battles, control the heroes and defeat your opponent. When players collide without a weapon, they both fall. It is very important to learn how to manage a character, the speed of reaction will allow you to escape from an attack, and also to collect weapons faster than others. Games type Stardust Battle: MOBA Arena, which are fighting in the arena, gaining popularity. Download and enjoy the exciting battles.

Free Medieval Smackdown codes:

  • The player receives the coins for each victory and loses them after losing. They are needed to increase the characteristics and raise the player’s level to get 50,000 for free, use the code – JP_kUjcRZy1K
  • Keys, this premium currency will unlock heroes and gain unique skills. To get 980 keys for free, use the code – JP_SpP44crRn

Bonuses in the form of shields, hammers and other weapons often appear in the arena. Boosters have a limited number of uses and quickly disappear, have time to pick up, or dump an opponent on the way to the desired thing. Participation in the battle has its price, battles start from a bet of 250 coins. A winner of the battle receives a 500-pound coin, for the victory you need to take all the lives in an opponent.

Strategies and tactics for battle

This is a vivid arcade action, it can be great to cheer up every time you start. Dangerous characters behave very funny, especially when falling. But you should not relax, battles are fought on coins in the form of bets. Raising the level and gaining experience, you can fight in battles that cost tens of thousands of coins. This is a great game to fight with friends and have fun.

Take on the role of Legionnaire, Knight, or merciless executioner. Everyone has his own techniques and skills, but this does not play a key role in the victory. Using Medieval Smackdown hacked, you can experience every character in the game. Develop its speed, strength, endurance and increase the number of lives.

Increase the chances of winning to the maximum, but when choosing tactics, follow the actions of the opponent. Be careful, try to outwit your opponent. For example, you can accelerate to the weapon, the rival will understand on what trajectory you are moving and will try to get close. At the right time, change directions to drive the opponent into a trap. Similar tricks, together with the use of accelerators and weapons will not leave the chance of enemies.

Follow the secrets and use the safe method, Medieval Smackdown cheats give you the freedom to buy and make the game even more interesting.

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