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Mercs of Boom

Game Insight has released a new strategy Mercs of Boom, right now you can test it on your mobile. Developers have won recognition thanks to the release of games Guns of Boom, Natives, Paradise Island 2 and other bestsellers. Strategic gameplay, bright graphics, dynamic fights and a large number of modern weapons. The game is free for download on Android, iOS, but to get a lot of money and credits for free, you will need a hacked Mercs of Boom. But first let’s get acquainted with the game itself.

Description of the game

The strategy has an extensive storyline that you will get acquainted with after downloading. Mass attack of monsters destroyed all life on earth, only a small city protected by a dome survived and is fighting against monsters. Mercs of Boom for Android gives an opportunity to save humanity, using new technologies and organizing a strong team. Collect artifacts, develop powerful exoskeletons, work on creating powerful weapons and clear the territory of monsters.

Mercs of Boom cheat

A wide variety of opponents, by inducing them you will be able to study their characteristics and capabilities. Having a modern laboratory at your disposal, you will be able to improve your weapons and use the found items. It will not be easy to defeat the enemy, you will need strong weapons, reliable armor, gadgets and implants. Use the money you received to improve the team and equip them with the best weapons.


To play you do not need an Internet connection, but you need to have a powerful enough smartphone. The game has great demands and has a huge amount of content. In the game you will participate in the operation to save the world, using the technology and skills to fight. Mercs of Boom mod for a lot of money makes it possible to conduct research and unlock new technologies to deal with invaders, without restrictions.

Mercs of Boom mod

To complete the game, you can select 3 characters and manage them during the passage. Equip them with weapons, armor and increase their fighting qualities. Click on the desired point on the map to move and use the fire buttons. Battles take place in a semi-automatic mode, fighters can inflict damage automatically, but you will take the key decisions yourself. You will meet with dozens of huge monsters, in turn-based strategy you can create a private military corporation. Earn money and fame, saving the Earth from the invasion.

Graphic of gameplay

To download the game Mercs of Boom for iOS you will need 222 MB of free space. The game has great requirements for the speed of the device, it has bright graphics with high detail of objects, smooth animation and a lot of content. Entire cities with locations, dozens of types of traced exoskeletons, weapons and implants. Create your own military corporation, form a detachment and clear the earth of evil.


Only high technologies, powerful weapons and strategic skills will allow you to go through the game and raise the level. The fate of mankind is in your hands, develop the fighters, create a team and develop strategic abilities. But reached level 15, it’s very difficult to pass the game, and only Mercs of Boom cheats for credits and paid sets of resources will allow to keep the dynamics of passage and unblock valuable armor and skills.

Mercs of Boom hack

It is very difficult to play without purchases, it takes weeks to expect the necessary improvements. To get a more powerful weapon, or armor has to spend money, or a lot of time waiting. Since the game is distributed through the system of free-to-play, you can use cheat codes to receive resources, through the game store.

Mercs of Boom hack

  • 13,500 credits for free, code – fb5ZvqngD
  • Difficult to kill – qi7TxU1m7
  • Advanced recruitment kit for recruits – ixOea1uV4
  • Recruitment Set – r1pEfOFIe
  • Steel hearts – KtSXoqFvg
  • Morbidian crystal – ZfYVY5D9e
  • Acceleration of the process – CQ1RK1rZr

Using these secrets, you can achieve a high level in the game without spending a lot of time. Get immortality, restore strength and quickly raise the level using the game sets, playing becomes at times more interesting. To use this type of hacking, you do not need to enter personal data, or download additional files. Follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account.

Download Mercs of Boom mod (Google Play)

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