Merge Soldiers free Coins, Cash, secret codes – not mod

hack Merge Soldiers android

Get coins to create the most powerful team and set a record. Hack Merge Soldiers for money, using cheat codes running for Android and iOS. To get resources, you do not need to download the mod, or enter personal data. Use tips, follow the instructions and get coins. This will allow the use of boosters when the moves are over, and also speed up the process of creating a powerful team of heroes.

Use coins to use boosters, this will quickly create powerful characters. Equip them with weapons and destroy the monsters in their path. Earn more experience and set new records. Command an army and get to the top of the world table. Cheats Merge Soldiers for coins will give complete freedom, and disabling advertising will allow you to enjoy the game without interference.

Cheats Merge Soldiers for free:

  • 25 000 coins for free – BdLP_YVdNC
  • Disable ads – 7HCS_OhWYK

Game descriptions, secrets and tips for passing

The game developers decided to take advantage of the popularity of the game 2048 and create a strategy based on it. Only instead of numbers, the player will collect a combination of different warriors. Each turn you will see the hero and the place where he will appear. Turn the field to collect a combination of identical fighters and weapons. Increase their level and use during the battle.

The game has a pleasant, cartoon graphics and lots of funny characters. If you are at a standstill, you can always use a booster and mix, or update the field. The game Merge Soldiers is free, but for real money you can buy coins and disable advertising in the game. Using secrets, this can be done for free and build a huge army.

Free Coins, Boosters

Drag the soldiers, raise their level. This will equip them with more powerful weapons and destroy monsters. Collect a team of powerful characters, use coins to get powerful weapons into the account. The player does not need to download Merge Soldiers mod to get a lot of money into the account. Secret codes will give you freedom of purchase and new achievements.

Unlock new skills and weapons using coins. Destroy entire hordes of monsters, collect along the way bonuses. Set new records and get valuable rewards and access to powerful weapons. Challenge the challenges, the power of your army will depend on the ability to collect combinations. Use the back step, or stir the field at any time, using secrets.

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