Metal Squad Codes and cheat for Android&iOS, unlimited resources

Metal Squad hack

Metal Squad  game is one of the best modern games in the genre of Action. The developers really tried hard to make you get great pleasure from the game. Initially, it may seem that the game is an arcade. But this is not the case. Furthermore, it has elements of a strategy, too.

Your own military base in need of protection. You should make every effort to do so. Each successive level is harder and drudnee. But you should not be afraid. Cheat codes Metal Squad can make your game unforgettable pleasant. And for that you need to do a few simple steps.

You must enter a secret cheat codes in your account and follow the instructions. It is completely safe, because you never enter vashdi personal data and other important information. Also, you do not need to download the mod, get Root rights, and, because it can also negatively impact on your account or even a mobile device. This hack Metal Squad is the safest mode of obtaining unlimited resources in the game and unlock all levels and items. If you do not have enough of these resources below, you can enter the cheat codes again. But no more than a few times a month. Thus you protect your account from unnecessary suspicion.

Free Metal Squad Cheat Codes for Android and IOS:

  • Unlock all levels in the game – G#_f2g938rd
  • Add 100x unlimited resources in the game – R#_gr2398fwd


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