Metal Wings: Elite Force free Cash, Unlock Weapons, Secret codes & Tips

Metal Wings: Elite Force hack

Get money, unlock characters and levels using the Metal Wings: Elite Force hack. Cheat codes for Android and iOS will present unlimited coins for purchases and allow you to recover after an unsuccessful passage. Resources are needed to buy weapons, first-aid kits and restore lives. Enjoy the adventures of destroying hundreds of enemies and meet with the bosses. Follow the instructions and take advantage of the game.

To recover from a failure, you no longer need to watch promotional videos, or start over. Metal Wings: Elite Force allows you to get the necessary resources for free using secret codes. Enjoy free play and fight the biggest bosses. Go to places where no one has ever been and share your achievements with friends on social networks.

Metal Wings: Elite Force cheat codes:

  • 50 000 money – TczBScqB_38y2
  • Disable ads – GSeyOheP_32h8


Colorful action game for fans of scroller shooters. Take on the role of a soldier of an elite squad, get up-to-date weapons and equipment to stop the invasion of biotech robots and unique bosses. They are trying to seize power over humanity and only you can stop them. Unblock unique weapons and discover new characters.

Free money passing levels

While the game is beta testing, but in the future, many new characters and dozens of interesting levels are expected. Downloading the Metal Wings: Elite Force mod from unverified sites is not required. Explore a fantastic world in a scroller shooter and use all your skills to go through challenging levels. Collect boosters, first-aid kits and new weapons, usually it is in boxes.

The game has a nice graphics with convenient controls. In the left corner of the screen you can choose the direction for movement. In the right to produce shots, bounce, throw grenades and use extra weapons. Always move so as not to get trapped and avoid the oncoming fire. The enemies will be placed at the top and bottom of the map. Watch the indicator to find out about the approach of biorobots.

A variety of functions, dozens of weapons and dynamic gameplay allows you to fully immerse yourself in the battle. Hacked Metal Wings: Elite Force will allow you to buy weapons, equipment and continue the passage after death. Restore the forces and continue the struggle. This will significantly speed up the process of passing the levels and will open up new opportunities. Share your secrets with friends and get even more fun from the game.

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