Miami Crime Simulator Codes Cheats

Miami Crime Simulator Cheats

Increasingly, we are being asked to break Miami crime simulator, and we did it in your favorite way, we found secret codes in the game that will bring you a lot of gold and money without downloading additional mods.

Cheat codes for the game Miami crime simulator will allow  you to feel the real freedom of the game, and they work on Android and iOS devices. How to hack Miami crime simulator using the codes and to receive a lot of money you’ll learn in this article, but before use, be sure to read the instruction below articles.

Miami Crime Simulator – Here awaits us Miami criminal world of the eighties, while rapidly developing crime and theft occurred on the machine a couple of times a day. Explore Street sunny, bright, and quite ruthless town. Create your own criminal empire of this.

At first  time, you are at the bottom .  Steal cars, work as a courier and move forward to your  dream. The hero of our system has levels, develop it and It and you will play a lot easier. Opened town with  huge possibilities  is waiting for our hero  In the game  introduced a special currency – gold and money. With then you can improve your hero, buy unusual weapons, ammunition and vehicles.

Of course,  it’s not easy to get the money To do this, perform tasks, and the harder you do it, the more will get. But am I have to try. However, for those who do not like to wait, and want to just break in Miami crime can use special cheat codes for Miami crime simulator for Android and IOS.

Cheats to hack the game Miami Crime Simulator on Android and iOS:

Use of this code can not be detected by administrators of the game, so you can not worry that you  will be blocked. This hacking on Miami crime simulator will allow you to unlimited access to resources in the game. s get an infinite amount of money that can spend on everything, everything. This feature definitely makes the game fun and enjoyable and you spend unforgettable time.

Get 250,000 dollars – McsgivMon25

Code to produce 50 000 gold – McsgivGol50

Receive 2 times more experience – x2McsExperi

Zoom level – aD1LevelMcs

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Miami Crime Simulator” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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