Minion Rush cash & tokins for Android & iOS

Minion Rush hack

One of the most popular mobile phone rasters, the now hacked Minion Rush will be available to you. Get a lot of money on the account, tokens and unlock a variety of characters. Buy new items and improve your pets without restrictions. Only codes give so much money without breaking the rules of the game and allow you to make free purchases. Minion Rush money using codes you can legally spend in the game and use all the updates. The secrets work on all Android & iOS devices, let me play for free and get even more fun from the game. Funny minions will raise your moods on nasty levels. Participate in quests and train your reaction to win in exciting assignments. Study the instructions for hacking, follow the tips and get the resources in the account in a couple of minutes.

Minion Rush a lot of money:

  • + 50,000 bananas per account for free (this resource will allow to improve and buy new items) – JNTW-M7MY
  • + 2 250 tokens, premium currency will help unlock characters and paid items to get a lot of money on the account, use the code – Z9QC-FERE
  • Gold Banana – 8KV6-H1BQ
  • Gold shield – 93MW-JV8G
  • Disable advertising in the game – 0M35-2IIS

This is an excellent runner, it was downloaded by almost a billion people. Purchases in the game reach $ 50 for a set of resources, but using codes, everyone can get much more tokens, bananas and play freely. Enjoy a fun game, removing restrictions and opening up new opportunities. Dozens of funny characters in different suits, and for management enough to dodge in both directions to avoid obstacles. Slip, jump, fly earning experience points and bananas.

The game with the famous characters of the cartoon “Ugly I” won the hearts of millions and at the same time has an estimate of 4.5. More popular can only be the Subway Surfers, where there are also simple controls and colorful graphics. The game Minion Rush has dozens of fun and unique costumes, Lucy Surfer or even Ninja. Collect bananas, earn tokens and open new characters. They bring not only variety, but also new opportunities and boosters during the passage.

Do I need to download Minion Rush mod?

We are forced to inform you of the joyful news, you can get a lot of money in the game without downloading the file mod, entering personal data, or obtaining special rights of the root device or jailbreak. This became possible thanks to the bonus codes that give free purchases and for their use you need to download the official version of the game from Google Play and AppleStore and follow the instructions for using the codes. Downloading the mod you risk losing personal data, or download a virus-infected file, use a safer method.

Features of the game, tips for passing and tweaking:

Endless race based on Temple Run, in which everyone can manage their favorite characters from the cartoon. The main goal of the game is to get as far as possible and collect bananas. They are the main currency of the game and allow you to buy new items, clothes and boosters. Having a lot of money on the account you can customize the minions to your liking, using any outfits from the game store. The game Minion Rush has a very bright graphics and funny characters. You can play without connecting to the Internet anywhere and raise your mood.

Connect the game to your Google+ account, or Facebook, to save your achievements. This will allow you to play on multiple devices and gain the ability to restore achievements after removing the game.

Hundreds of interesting quests and quests, bonus levels, mega minions and outfits. They will amuse you by making sounds and yelling, it’s great to cheer up. Despite the fact that the game is in tops, developers are constantly pleased users with new updates. Minion Rush hack will allow you to use them and get even more fun from the game.

Each level has assignments, after which you will receive a reward in the form of coins and achievements. The game pleases with a lot of bonuses and additional boosters. Use a banana vacuum cleaner, a shield of invulnerability, a rocket and other bonuses to raise maximum money at a level and set a record.

In addition to buying items and clothes, the minion can turn into monsters and destroy everything in its path. Rest for a couple of seconds until the obstacles stop being an obstacle and return to the strip. Use the cheat codes and get a gold banana and a golden shield that will make you invulnerable and always receive twice as many coins. Follow the tips, get a lot of money on the account and share secrets with friends.

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